Would Be Trump Assassin Has Close Ties to Hillary Clinton

January 19, 2017

ELDER PATRIOT – Fifty-one year old Dominic Puopolo was arrested yesterday and is being held without bail after he posted a video declaring his intention to assassinated Donald Trump at his inauguration. The Puopolo family

Snoop Dogg Releases Video Calling for Segregated Future

January 18, 2017

ELDER PATRIOT – Snoop Dogg, apparently motivated by congress’ resident racist John Lewis’ decision to boycott Trump’s inauguration, has called legendary R&B performer Sam Moore an “Uncle Tom-assed nigga” for agreeing to perform at Trump’s

Two Different Hacking Stories Prove Obama is a Fraud

January 18, 2017

ELDER PATRIOT- Obama’s pardon of Bradley Manning yesterday exposed the president as a social justice fraud. Manning was found guilty of violating his oath to protect the classified intelligence he had access to. The result

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