Study: Google and Facebook Almost Stole the Election

March 21, 2017

ELDER PATRIOT – The power of Internet giants Google and Facebook to change the outcome of elections has not only been established, according to these studies, but is highly likely to have already happened many

Assassination Plans of President Trump Gaining Pace

March 21, 2017

ELDER PATRIOT – The protective shield that guards the president’s safety is being methodically pierced in what appears to be a coordinated effort to lay the groundwork for his assassination. At least three times already,

Democrats House Intel Committee: Day 1 Recap

March 20, 2017

ELDER PATRIOT – This morning’s session was a tale of two ideologies. The Democrats appeared intent on getting ahead of the F.B.I.’s investigation presenting evidence they believe pertinent as though our intelligence agencies would somehow

Germany Then – Germany Now Same Twisted Ambitions

March 19, 2017

ELDER PATRIOT – Eighty years ago Adolph Hitler had designs on establishing Germany’s dominance over Europe and used the extermination of Jews as a propaganda tool.  As Hitler found him self increasingly isolated by the

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