Obama Administration Moves to Shred the First Amendment

August 17, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – Polls show that 94% of Americans no longer have confidence in the mainstream media to provide unvarnished news reporting and commentary.  With traditional news sources having reduced themselves to barely more than wholly

Plot to Assassinate Donald Trump Appears Inevitable

August 16, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – If history teaches us anything it’s that super rich elites will stop at nothing to control the levers of government in order to increase their personal wealth. Even over the past 53

New Poll Points to Trump Landslide in November

August 13, 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – A new Breitbart/Gravis Poll is now the latest indicator that Donald Trump is gearing up for a landslide victory in November. The poll shows Hillary Clinton leading in New York State by

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