Caravan Members Realize They’ve Been Political Pawns And Begin Returning Home

Elder Patriot – Like virtually every promise Progressives make, those who believe them and rely on them almost always get burned.

That tough lesson is being learned by members of the caravans heading north from Honduras who were told they’d merely walk across our southern border with Mexico, apply for asylum, and after being processed begin collecting the benefits of our social welfare system.

President Trump, who made immigration control – especially control of the Mexican border, a promise of his campaign had other plans.

The president warned the migrant caravan directly that he was not going to let its members in.

Regardless, the caravan organizers, including participating agencies from the U.N., continued feeding false hope to the migrants in hope they’d be able to force implement the U.N. Global Compact for Migration in a manner similar to how they invaded Europe where they have created so much turmoil and civil unrest.

Trump was having none of it and deployed the military to fortify our border defenses and lend logistical support to the Border Patrol.

President Trump also signaled his resolve to hold the countries of origination, as well as Mexico for providing safe passage and support to the caravan, responsible.

Following the migrants attempted bum rush of the border that was easily repelled by the CBP, many caravan members reassessed the promises that had been told to them by leftist social engineers (aka caravan organizers.)

When the Mayor of Tijuana told them they had worn out their welcome in his city many began deciding to return home.

It seems the last group remaining on earth that doubts President Trump at his word are Democrats and other Progressive totalitarians who think they can ride roughshod over the U.S. Constitution and the citizens of the United States.