As Caravan Approaches Trump Vows to Seal Southern Border – Whatever it Takes

Elder Patriot – I guess Democrat activists never heard the old saying, “let sleeping dogs lie.”  Or, perhaps they have chosen to ignore it. Either way, it seems as though they are playing right into Trump’s hands and helping Republicans win the midterm elections.

Earlier today we discussed who is likely to be funding the caravan of South American invaders preparing to enter and cross Mexico on their way to our Southern Border.

Since Newt’s tweet it is estimated that the invading army has grown to 4000 strong.

Whoever is funding these people, it is in direct defiance of President Trump’s 2016 campaign promise to seal the porous border with Mexico.  And, therein lies what may prove to be the turning point in these midterm elections.

The president had been attacked by his political enemies for failing to build the wall as he had promised to do during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Armed with a rebuilt military, the new trade agreement with Mexico, control over our foreign aid, and the world’s most competitive economy, President Trump is better positioned for this political war with the Democrats than he was before he won the election.

Wanting to avoid the filter of the Democrat propaganda media, Trump brought his message straight to his supporters via Twitter.

On Tuesday, President Trump initially messaged the leadership of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador that hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid were riding on their help in stopping the caravan:

This morning he warned Mexico not to let them pass to our border.

Trump signaled his Mexican counterpart, President Enrique Pena Nieto, that the newly agreed upon trade agreement, the USMCA, would be in jeopardy if he didn’t take immediate steps to stop the caravan as it attempts to pass into, and then through, Mexico.

The LA Times reported that:

Mexico sent federal forces to its southern border Wednesday after President Trump called on several Latin American nations to stop a large caravan of Honduran immigrants heading toward the United States.

Mexico’s federal police released images of two planes arriving in Tapachula, a Mexican city on the border with Guatemala that is a popular crossing point for migrants heading north. News reports showed hundreds of agents disembarking from the planes, some carrying riot gear.

The number of Mexican police amassing on the border has been estimated to be 500 strong.

President Trump didn’t stop there.  Armed with the recent Supreme Court decision confirming his immigration authority, he announced his intention to deploy the U.S. military to turn back the invasion.

As we remember in the aftermath of 9/11, if there’s one thing that unites Americans it’s the deployment of the military.

WTF were Democrat strategists thinking?  The emergent threat that this invading army represents is everything Donald Trump was elected to stop.  Only, this time around Trump holds all the cards.

Why would Democrats present President Trump with the opportunity to look like a strong national defender only days before important elections?