You Can’t Trust Anyone Investigating Trump: Why FISA Abuse Under Comey Was Ignored By Mueller. You Can’t Make This Shit Up

Elder Patriot – | The Epoch Times has done outstanding investigative journalism in exposing the rampant corruption that took place in the highest offices of the FBI when they exonerated Hillary Clinton – despite massive evidence of criminal behavior – and then constructed a case against Donald Trump out of whole cloth.

The EP is now reporting:

Trisha Anderson, the principal deputy general counsel for the FBI and head of the bureau’s National Security and Cyber Law Branch, signed off on an application for a warrant to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page—before the application went to FBI Director James Comey—despite not having read it, she said.

Page was a Trump associate and member of his presidential campaign.   Because of the FISA’s two-hop or two-jump rule that meant that Donald Trump was likely to come under FISA surveillance.

Anderson had to have known the likelihood that by signing the application she would be, at least theoretically, authorizing spying on a future president.  Yet she signed off on the application anyway without efforting to ensure the legitimacy of the document.

What about the vaunted Woods Procedure put in place under then-FBI director Robert Mueller to guarantee that exculpatory evidence that challenge the underlying representations to the FISC were included?

Not so much, eh?  No procedure works as it is intended to if the people charged with adhering to it choose to ignore it, instead – a consistent thread throughout the Obama administration..

Anderson, whose division was also assigned the Mid-Year Exam—the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server—was responsible for legal oversight of the FBI’s Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications process, and provided a final sign-off before FISA applications were sent to the FBI director level. Anderson, who supervised the FBI attorneys involved in FISA applications, characterized her role as being “involved at a supervisory level within the legal chain of command.”

Although she did not voluntarily reveal the information, she admitted during questioning that she was the individual responsible at the senior executive service (SES) level for signing off on the original Carter Page FISA application.

Obama’s FBI under then-director James Comey had relied on deceiving the FISC to attain surveillance warrants against the Trump team by submitting “evidence” they knew to be sketchy and omitting exculpatory material facts that almost certainly would have led the court to reject the applications.

Specifically, virtually everyone in senior management at both the DOJ and the FBI had been warned by then-Assistant Attorney General Bruce Ohr that the so-called Steele Dossier was opposition research paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Nobody ever bothered to verify the dossier.  Apparently they knew in order to make their case they couldn’t risk learning that the dossier was a fairytale spun by a British spy for political gain and money.

Now the appointment of Robert Mueller to special counsel makes all the sense in the world.

Aside from Mueller’s personal incentive to hide his involvement in burying evidence he possessed regarding a corrupt Russian enterprise prior to the Uranium One deal, the special counsel knows his way around the FISA application process as well as anyone.

He was the perfect choice to defend the against exposing the institutional corruption that had engulfed the Obama-era DOJ and FBI.  Remember too, Mueller served as Obama’s FBI director during the Manchurian president’s first term.

It was in 2002, when he was the FBI director, that Robert Mueller found himself embroiled in his own multiple cases of abusing the FISA warrant application process.

Mueller was forced to appear before the FISA court (FISC) to explain the extraordinarily large number of cases where his FBI omitted exculpatory evidence that they had in their possession regarding their targets.

Mueller was never punished for that prosecutorial misconduct but the court accepted his promise that he would remedy the situation.

He offered the Woods Procedure – named after the FBI agent who developed the form – as a future safeguard.

The Woods Procedure was adopted to “ensure FISA warrant applications were accurate and did not omit material information.”

To repeat, no procedure works as it is intended to if the people charged with adhering to it choose to ignore it, instead.

What makes these revelations so damning is Mueller’s apparent indifference to the FISA abuse that is at the core of the two-and-a-half year long investigation of President Trump’s alleged relationship with Russia, after the court had previously admonished him for the same abuse.

Let’s hope William Barr, President Trump’s nominee to be Attorney General is confirmed this week.  And, let’s hope he has the cojones to clean this mess up!