You Can’t Believe a Freakin’ Thing You Read!!! Thank You MSM

ELDER PATRIOT – The mainstream establishment media continues to descend into a lying mass of bullsh*t at the behest of their corporate-global ownership and the American people are finally awake to it.

The masters of “changing the narrative” are accusing President Trump of beating them at their own game.  Makes you want to cry…tears of joy!

Take a look at how these whiners are attacking Trump now:

CNN spends their time bemoaning Donald Trump’s amazing ability to change the narrative and bypass their mischaracterizations, misrepresentations, and their outright lies.

Even more astounding was MSNBC’s Mika Brezinski openly admitting that Donald Trump can “actually control exactly what people think and that is our job”

Maybe, if the MSM actually reported all of the facts instead of handpicking those facts that support their anti-Trump narrative President Trump wouldn’t feel the need to set the record straight.

Here is a glaring example from the New York Times of the media deliberately misleading its consumers:

Trump had just pledged $25 Billion to America’s Black colleges and the Times, as well as virtually every other news source, deliberately changed the subject to a non-story about etiquette.  Where were those etiquette police when Monica Lewinski was on her knees in the Oval Office?

BTW, Conway was simply steadying herself to take a picture of the event:

Missing from these articles attacking Conway is any mention of this two and a half year old story from the Huffington Post that reports on Barack Obama’s lack of support for the same historically black colleges and universities:

“Six years and two elections later, presidents and advocates at historically black colleges and universities are quietly expressing outrage with the Obama administration over a perceived lack of interest and engagement toward the institutions. Decreases in federal grant funding to HBCUs and changes in the Parent PLUS Loan Program have cost black colleges more than $300 million in the last two years, one of the worst stretches in history for public HBCU support.”

The MSM just cannot let anything get in their way of labeling Donald Trump a racist.  Their corporate-globalist masters demand that of them.