Canadian Hockey Player Disrespects US Anthem Then Ignorantly Honors Canada’s Anthem

Prior to his team’s season opening game, Canadian NHL player Matt Dumba followed the lemmings and knelt during the playing of the U.S. national anthem.  It got worse.  He compounded his stupidity by rising for the playing of the Canadian anthem.

Extolling Canada while trashing the US over race?  History is not on his side.

Back in 1947, baseball was considered our national pastime.  Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier on April 15th, becoming the first African American player in Major League Baseball. 

By then, Kenny Washington had broken the NFL’s color barrier.  And, in 1950 Earl Lloyd broke the NBA color barrier.

Far from ideal but…

For Canada, it wasn’t until January 18, 1958, 11 years after American baseball led the way… more than a decade later… the NHL, Canada’s pride and glory, that Willie O’Ree was allowed to play in an NHL game.

O’Ree debuted with the Boston Bruins against the Montreal Canadiens at the Montreal Forum. 

Unlike today’s pampered athlete’s, both O’ree and Robinson were scorned but grateful.  And therein lies the reason pro sports are choking on their cultural rot.

People watch sports to feel good about themselves.  Both Robinson and O’Ree’s emergence allowed Americans to do precisely that.  

Not so much when athletes like Dumba, bloated with a misplaced sense of self importance, virtue-signal their moral superiority to increasingly turned-off fans.

Dumba is a product of the NHL, that seems intent on following the three major sports – MLB, NFL, and the NBA off the virtue-signalling cliff.

Civil rights icon John Lewis casket being carried across the Selma bridge.

If the U.S. flag was a symbol of racism, rather than a symbol of triumph, why was the casket of civil rights icon John Lewis draped by it?