California’s Leading Democrats Ignored These People so President Trump Stepped in to Help

ELDER PATRIOT – California’s liberal leadership has been following the liberal playbook when it comes to spending for decades and now finds itself so deeply in debt that when a crisis arises – a crisis that could’ve been avoided by a little preventative maintenance – they have to come crawling to the rest of us Americans to be bailed out.

That is the case with the Oroville Dam that is crumbling under the unusually heavy rains that have visited the region in recent weeks.  Maintenance on the dam had been deferred as money was spent everywhere else and now more than 200,000 residents are threatened by the dam’s potential failure.  Unfortunately California Democrats who have controlled the state’s government since Ronald Reagan left office spent their federal infrastructure funds on many things but none of it on infrastructure.

You know, like high-speed trains so they can someday fall into disrepair, and solar energy projects that may yield a return on investment in 20 years, and the needs of illegal immigrants ranging from housing to food to schooling to medical care to increased community services like policing and fire protection.

Just like the liberals in New Orleans who spent federal monies designated for shoring up the levees on parties instead, Californians allowed themselves to be seduced by leaders who promised free everything and now are forced to turn to the rest of us to save their bacon for something that government should actually be prepared to do but is no longer affordable because they spent our money on ridiculous excesses.

So shortly after Governor Moon Beam Jerry Brown trashed President Trump for – well for virtually everything that Americans elected him for – the governor dropped to his knees and begged the president to save his damn dam.

President Trump remained true to his word that he would be president of all Americans and stepped in to authorize FEMA funding to save those 200,000 taxpayers from the impending devastation.

Jerry Brown had called then candidate Donald Trump a “fraud” during last year’s presidential campaign but now it’s clear that the only fraud is Governor Brown.

It’s probably too much to expect the governor to abandon his plans to declare California a sanctuary state or to put an end to the call for secession but he should do so with the knowledge that Americans have no interests in saving Californians from their state’s reckless policies and irresponsible spending again.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has proven himself once again to be the president who all of the people can count on when needed.