Bwhahaha: Trump Walks Stephanopoulos, Dems, and Opposition Media Into Trap – This Is Gonna Be Sweet

Elder Patriot| It’s hard to know if Dems and the media just can’t help themselves, blinded by their faux hatred of President Trump, or they think you’re really that stupid.

Despite mounting evidence that Trump was a target of intelligence agencies that were weaponized under the auspices of radical leftist Barack Obama, President Trump’s soaring poll numbers, and their own tanking viewership, they persist in attacking this president for the crimes that they, themselves, either committed or albeit for.

The reaction of Dems and their media allies the past two days to comments President Trump made in answer to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, that he would accept information about a political opponent from an allied foreign nation, is going to damn them and their darlings – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – and they don’t even realize that.

And, President Trump has every last one of them on video.  They’re practically foaming at the mouth while charging him with treason.

This is a gift that’s almost hard to believe.

Consider that it was Obama’s intelligence agencies that accepted ‘information’ from foreign allies – Alexander Downer (Australia) and Christopher Steele and his ‘dossier’ (England) – and used it to lie to the FISA court in order to obtain four warrants to spy on Trump.

As Attorney General William Barr slowly unravels evidence of the illegal spy campaign Obama ordered against Trump, the videos of the Marxist sycophants – both Dems and the media – who are now howling that Trump committed treason are going to come back to haunt them.

The one defense that Obama had – that as president he was justified in weighing the allegations by Downer and Steele (both agents of foreign allies) before ordering they be investigated – has been stripped from him.

It’s inarguable that the president has the obligation and the legal authority to discuss anything, any level of classified information, with anyone.  That has already been widely acknowledged during the dust up following Trump’s order to declassify.

The counter argument is unacceptable.  If every piece of information must be laundered by the intelligence agencies before the president can view it, that would cede power to the Deep State that the Framers never anticipated.

Over the past three years we have seen how that can work.  What sane person, who has endured what this president has endured at the hands of career ‘professionals’ in the Executive Branch, wouldn’t have a trust issue with our intel agencies?

The president is the lone member of the Executive Branch elected by ‘We the People.’  More significantly, he is the lone member of the federal government, put in place by the entire electorate.  

For that reason the president is the final authority on what must remain classified and what doesn’t.  

By extension, he is also the people’s only protection against the mishandling of raw ‘intelligence’ by unelected Deep State operatives who have an agenda different from the people.

Once again, Donald Trump has outsmarted Washington’s self-described, intelligent elite.

You can just see the 2020 campaign ads now.  

A presentation of the Democrat candidate praising and defending Barack Obama, followed by an overlay of evidence of the crimes committed by Obama, and ending with the video of the same candidate railing that they were impeachable offenses.

Credibility shot.