Bwahaha: Trump’s Tweets Trolls RINO’s –Eleven Do-Nothing Senators Out Themselves

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump is a man for the day.  He has refused to be controlled by the constraints of the past.  In this case he’s using social media to bypass the filter that the MSM has used to dictate the policy limits in the same manner that past presidents were held to.

Not only does President Trump use social media to get his message to the people, he brilliantly manages to troll his political enemies with it.  The results are sometimes amazing.

Take his tweets aimed at lighting a fire under Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who led his party to control of the senate by promising the American people they would repeal Obamacare outright with no replacement plan, and then failed to deliver even a slimmed down plan:

In response to these tweets at least eleven Republican senators fell from the tree President Trump was shaking because they felt compelled to defend McConnell:

  • John Cornyn – Texas
  • Bob Corker – Tennessee
  • Thom Tillis – North Carolina
  • Johnny Isakson – Georgia
  • Susan Collins – Maine
  • Orrin Hatch – Utah
  • Cory Gardner – Colorado
  • Dean Heller – Nevada
  • Jeff Flake – Arizona
  • Todd Young – Indiana
  • Shelley Moore Capito – West Virginia

Exactly what are they defending besides stagnation?  The Senate will take off 239 days this year.  It’s no wonder they can’t get anything done.

If they were sincere about repealing Obamacare – or even slimming it down to remove the individual mandate, they’d be directing their ire towards John McCain and not President Trump and defending Mitch McConnell.

Corker, Hatch, Heller, and Flake will face primary challenges as they vie for re-election in 2018.  Here are their Heritage Action Scores and their Conservative Review Scores:

Orrin Hatch’s voting record is particularly appalling because Mark Levin gave him a chance to speak to his audience the last time he was up for re-election in 2012 and he was in a heated primary battle.  Levin endorsed Hatch that night and he went on to win his primary with 57% of the vote despite the fact that Hatch had voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, State Children’s Health Insurance Program, No Child Left Behind Act, Bridge to Nowhere, Equal Opportunity to Serve Act and the Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act of 1993.

Hatch told Levin that George W. Bush was to blame even though many of his votes had been cast while Bush was governor of Texas.  He also rolled out his “support” of the “balanced budget amendment” that night.  Levin is still waiting for Hatch to bring that to the floor of the Senate.  Since he has won re-election Hatch has religiously voted to raise the debt ceiling and to increase spending.

Similar histories surround Corker, Heller and Flake.

The eleven senators only want to line their pockets with money from special interests.  They resent President Trump because he is not letting them get away with advancing corporate cronyism at the expense of the American people. 

It’s amazing how these supposedly “brilliant” senators put targets on their own backs by responding to a couple of 140-character tweets.

It’s time to Brat” these Republicans who do not share our desire to fix healthcare, taxes, the economy, and our nation’s infrastructure, and then getting out of our lives.