Bwahaha: Single State Senator Schumer Demands President Trump Reopen Government, ‘Abandon’ National Security Goals

Elder Patriot – It’s always ironic when a senator, who represents but a single state, demands that the president, who was elected by 60% of the states, must do something.

It’s even more so in this case because Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a far-left radical, was elected by  New York State. New York voted for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a 58.8% to 37.5% margin.

As Schumer’s patron saint, Barack Obama, once said: Elections have consequences.  So this leaves Schumer soldiering on without any electoral consequences to threaten President Trump with.

Schumer’s intransigence on the border wall undoubtedly contributed to his party falling further into the minority during the last election.

So here’s Schumer, who was just fine with giving Iran – the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism and an original designee in George Bush’s Axis of Evil – $150B dollars without any visible return, blocking a measly $5B to protect his own country.

Schumer, in typically demeaning fashion, is trying to make it sound like President Trump woke up a couple of weeks ago and decided he’d demand $5B for a border out of the blue, because Rush Limbaugh told him to.

“The president has been on a destructive two-week temper tantrum…

“I want to be crystal clear — there will be no additional appropriations to pay for the border wall. It’s done.”

Sorry Chuck, but Trump’s “wall” promise” came while Rush was backing his Republican opponents.  Here’s Trump announcing his candidacy back in June of 2015. Rush is nowhere to be seen… or heard: (prompt to 1:05)

In case Chuckie was sleeping through the 2016 Presidential campaign here’s a reminder that the wall was the single most important issue that Trump ran on:

“ Number one. We will build a great wall along our southern border”

In short order the common refrain from Trump supporters at his 20,000 person rallies became:

“Build the Wall.”

We all know Schumer didn’t forget that because Trump cleaned his clock on the wall and other border security measures which explains why both Schumer and Pelosi abandoned their DACA babies in October of 2017 to get the government reopened as quickly as possible and put their failure behind them.

The government shutdown that ensued at that time became known as the Schumer Shutdown.  Trump outfoxed the New York senator into owning that shut down and there’s every reason to believe that he will again.

The fact is Schumer (and Pelosi) would fund the entire $25B estimated price tag for the wall if they were certain it wouldn’t effectively stop the flow of illegal immigrants into our country.