Bwahaha: Hollywood Overcome by TDS After Manafort Agrees to Mueller’s Plea Deal. What Happens When They Find Out…

Elder Patriot – Hollywood’s opposition to President Trump meets all the requirements to qualify as derangement and seems disingenuous considering how they formerly approved of the Donald when he was a celebrity.

These self-annointed elites have been inexplicably intent on trashing Donald Trump.  I get it that they were all in for Hillary Clinton during the last election but a rational wingman still recognizes the perfect partner even when they met him or her on a double date they went on against their will.

And, make no mistake, Trump has been just what the doctor ordered for a country in distress.

Perhaps their motivation is borne more out of fear of Hillary Clinton and her dossiers full of incriminating evidence against each of them.  You really couldn’t blame them for not backing away now out of fear that Hillary will drop bombs on each of them like the one that took down her main Hollywood money man, if they dare desert her.

Whatever motivates them, many Hollywood celebrities have been counting on another dossier – the one that Clinton paid to be put together against Donald Trump – to open the door to destroying our duly elected president.

That’s why they couldn’t help celebrating after Paul Manafort, facing forever in prison, agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller.  Following that announcement the Twitterverse exploded:

This is just a small sample but you get the idea.  These paragons of social virtues are celebrating the demise of Paul Manafort because they believe that is some manner this is going to take down President Trump.

This was the breakthrough they had been waiting for.

Except, it isn’t.

Manafort’s association with Trump was brief and limited.  He had been brought into the campaign by then-candidate Trump to manage control over the delegates that Trump had been running up while winning state primary after state primary during the campaign.

Manafort had earned a reputation as a master at the rules governing delegate control and the Cruz campaign had been making noise about throwing the convention into chaos and challenging Trump’s control over those delegates.

Here’s the plea deal that Manafort signed yesterday:

The plea has nothing to do with providing evidence against candidate Trump, the Trump campaign, president-elect Trump, or President Trump.  Manafort only agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors concerning issues associated with his lobbying network and affiliates.

Uh, … like the Podesta brothers.  One of whom was CEO of Hillary’s campaign.

Rudy Giuliani discussed the deal with Sean Hannity:

Hannity: I have been told by numerous and multiple sources close to Manafort and others that in fact whatever cooperation is going to take place is not what is being reported.  It would have nothing to do with the campaign, Donald Trump, Russia, collusion of any kind but more to do with lobbying and other groups.

Giuliani: Sean, that’s absolutely true.  The reality is that there was a quote put out by a source close to Manafort that the plea agreement and cooperation agreement has nothing to do with the Trump campaign.  Quote, “there’s no evidence of collusion.”

Now I know that because I’ve been privy to a lot of facts that I can’t repeat but the reality is no evidence of collusion.

All you had to do is look at the plea.  The plea is to crimes that have to do with Manafort’s past.

No involvement with President Trump, no involvement with the campaign, no involvement with Russia.

By the way, there’s also no evidence of obstruction.

Oh my!  Whatever is going to become of these Hollywood jackwats?  Especially, after they are confronted with the fact that the people they’ve vested all of their hopes in to destroy the Trump presidency are shown to be the real criminals?  Manafort may now be used to incriminate Hillary’s crew?

And, make no mistake, that time appears to be coming:

It appears that after giving it his heavy-handed all, Mueller is out of bullets and is looking to put a wrap on this whole sordid chapter in American history.  Not because he wants to mind you, but because he might’ve been offered a deal a of his own.

During his numerous consults with Rudy, is it possible that Rudy offered Mueller a soft landing rather than a court date of his own?

We’re soon to witness the final stage of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  It should be interesting to see how much worse it might get.