Busted: Sex Trafficking Sting Nets Amazon and Microsoft Directors Sex Trafficking

Elder Patriot – The tech industry isn’t Seattle’s only growth industry.  It seems among the services tech workers demand is sex.  And they’re willing to pay big bucks for it. 

How big is big?  Some wealthy IT executives shelled out as much as $50,000 annually to fund what they referred to as their “hobby.”

There’s no denying the correlation between the industries.

A Department of Justice study found that Seattle has the fastest-growing sex industry in the United States.  The sex trafficking boom correlates with the growth of the tech sector having more than doubled in size between 2005 and 2012.

In fact, a random 24-hour period will usually find more than 6,000 online solicitations on a single website.  A 2014 study found more than 100 such websites offering sex services to johns. 

And, brothels advertise their proximity to Microsoft headquarters

Newsweek obtained a cache of tech company emails following a public records request to the King County Prosecutor’s Office.

Sixty or more law enforcement authorities from local, state, and federal agencies have been coordinating over the past few years in an effort to curb Seattle’s other growth industry.   

Authorities focused on emails intercepted from brothel computers over the last few years.  A number of the emails were connected to a 2015 sting operation that resulted in 18 arrests, including several high-level Amazon and Microsoft directors.

The latest round of emails that Newsweek obtained are from the period 2014-2016 and contained 67 sent from Microsoft employee email accounts, 63 from Amazon accounts and dozens more from Seattle’s premier tech companies as well as others based elsewhere but that have offices in Seattle like Boeing, T-Mobile, Oracle.  Seattle’s local tech firms were also implicated.

Newsweek reported that:

“Authorities have seized records from only a fraction of the area’s hundreds of brothels and illicit massage parlors. A law enforcement source familiar with the cases says the emails reflect just a tiny percentage of the business tech sector men bring to brothels with names like Golden Blossom, AsianCandy777 and 7HeavenofAsia.

“Authorities also say that trafficked Asian women service hundreds of men each day in Seattle.

“They also report that each woman has sex with between 5 and 15 men a day.

“The women usually don’t speak much English, and many communicate with their clients via phone translation apps. To get and retain customers, the women or their pimps advertise a variety of kinky or exotic “experiences,” from pretending to be actual girlfriends of the client (the “GFE or girlfriend experience”) to nude “Nuru” massage.

“One of the pimps netted in a review board sting in 2015 admitted that many of the women were in debt bondage and in fear for their lives or the safety of their families.”

As disgusting as these revelations may be, it gets worse.  Two months ago a sting operation centered in Western Washington resulted in the arrests of 20 pedophiles.

In mid-October, Lieutenant James Mjor of the Washington State Patrol revealed that operation “Net Nanny” had rescued 22 child sex victims and the arrests of 135 predators.

Officers, posing as children as young as 10-years-old, were in communication with hundreds of people interested in using them for their sexual perversions.

Eighteen additional minor children have also been identified as potential victims.

Among those arrested was a former Amazon employee, Seth Curran.  Curran had travelled from Seattle believing an 11-year-old was waiting to have sex with him.

Other pedophiles rounded up in the sting included Boyd Carter who was vice president of the Bremerton High School PTA, Anthony Budd who was coaching the girls on how to promote prostitution and trying to recruit them, and Norman Pauley of Kent who was expecting to have sex with girls just 11, 6 and 3 years old.

Pauley had previously been convicted of attempted rape.

Sadly, Kitsap County Sheriff Gary Simpson confirmed what we all fear to be true, “This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Sex crimes erode the very core of who we are and who we hope to be as a loving, nurturing society because they destroy the fundamental foundation of any civilization – the family. 

Under Barack Obama less than 400 pedophiles were arrested in 2016. Thankfully, President Trump has made this a focus of his administration as he endeavors to restore our belief in God in order to strengthen the family unit.