Bushes Release Video. Republican Elites Demand Trump Step Aside. BWAHAHAHAHA. What Part of This Hostile Takeover Don’t They Understand???

ELDER PATRIOT – The Bush wing of the old guard Republican elites still don’t understand what happened to them when Trump seized control of what they assumed was their party.  They think that if they can get rid of Trump they will be able to regain their control over the Republican base.  The people are truly delusional.  That genie isn’t going back in their bottle.

Regardless, they’ve turned to relying on the same politics of personal destruction that they used to admonish the Democrats for doing when the Democrats found themselves losing in the arena of ideas.

Yesterday the Bush Republicans, in self-exile from the party they dominated for three decades, released an 11-year old video of Donald Trump talking to Billy Bush – yes one of those Bushes – about women in a wholly inappropriate manner.

The left is apoplectic over what they heard.  That is only natural for a party faithful who needs a safe space at the mention of Harambe, Pepe the Frog, or the mere utterance of Donald Trump’s name, but for Republicans calling for Trump’s resignation it further exposes what…what…well, what pussies they really are.

Here’s a message to the Bushes, Mitt Romney, Mike Lee, Paul Ryan and the rest of these elitists, it ain’t your party any longer. 

Trump’s supporters threw you sorry excuses for leaders out of power and they are not going to abandon the “everyman movement” that DJT leads simply because the language you find so offensive is part of their daily vernacular, and that includes his female supporters.

Trump conducted a hostile takeover of the Republican Party and the investors who backed him remain solidly behind him.  And, they will remain that way because they are beyond caring about niceties in their candidates.  Bill and Hillary Clinton saw to that.

They will continue to support Trump because he’s the only one from either party who speaks to the issues important to them.  To his supporters, who have grown poorer and more disenfranchised by candidates using carefully crafted words, they view Mr. Trump as the tough sonofabitch they need to take on the elitist enemy.  To his followers Trump has more in common with their union bosses who have never been known for their harmonious application of the language but who they could count on to win a back alley brawl.

Oh, there’s one more reason.  Trump’s supporters aren’t so hypocritical as to claim they haven’t said such indelicate things on many occasions themselves.  I’ve owned bars since Ronald Reagan was president and I’ve hosted more than a few bachelorette parties.  Any woman who claims she finds objectification of the opposite sex disqualifying of someone else is either a liar, a hypocrite, or both.

Frankly, it’s about time we are led by a person who walks the walk and talks the talk like we do.