Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Tells Staff New Governor Ron DeSantis Will Suspend Him

Elder Patriot – | Immediately following Ron DeSantis inauguration yesterday reports began surfacing that corrupt Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is packing up his office because he expects to be suspended.   

From the Miami Herald:

It appears that Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is preparing to pack it in, for now.

The two-term sheriff, the object of fierce criticism over BSO’s handling of the Parkland massacre, told his top commanders that he will be removed from office by Gov. Ron DeSantis, sources told the Miami Herald.

This seems to confirm a similar report in the Miami New Times prior to DeSantis’ inauguration:

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel has informed numerous high-ranking BSO members that he expects to be removed from his position and will fight to get his job back, according to three sources close to the agency.

DeSantis has not yet made a formal announcement though Israel’s removal has been well earned and is likely to be welcomed by his deputies who released this statement in April of 2018:The Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association is formally announcing our decision to move forward with a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in Sheriff Scott Israel. The decision to move forward with a vote of no confidence is not to be taken lightly and is something the Executive Board has discussed at length. An overwhelming majority of the Union District Representatives have advised the Executive Board that the membership wants a vote of no confidence.


The Membership has cited poor policies such as the PROMISE Program, Civil Citation program, De-Escalation training, politeness in policing and training with plastic toy guns for real life scenarios as just some of the reasons for such low morale in the Agency. Additional paperwork for restrictive use of force policies and failure to yield packets have discouraged proactive policing which in turn creates an environment of fear of punishment for having low “stats”.

We have documented Sheriff Israel’s malfeasance and misfeasance on at at least 18 occasions following the horrific slaughter of high school students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S.

Those 18 articles highlight Sheriff Israel’s complete mismanagement of his deputy’s response, stand down orders while children were being slaughtered, and his outright lies to the community.

Among our criticisms was his embrace of the PROMISE Program that prevented law enforcement from interceding before the shooter went off.

Sheriff Israel and school superintendent Robert Muncie adopted the Obama-era policy designed to hide the records of budding criminals so that their chances to get into college would be better.

Broward County Promise Prog… by on Scribd

Both Sheriff Israel and Superintendent Muncie ignored the fact that the program creates a path for students who commit minor crimes to avoid arrest – and a criminal record – simply by completing a program administered by the school’s resource officer, instead.

This not only ignored the Broken Windows concept of policing that has been extremely successful as reducing crime, it allowed school shooter Nikolas Cruz to remain hidden under the radar.

Veteran FBI agent Michael Biasello explained:

“He had a clean record, so alarm bells didn’t go off when they looked him up in the system.  He probably wouldn’t have been able to buy the murder weapon if the school had referred him to law enforcement.”

Let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, that Governor DeSantis, finally holds Scott Israel accountable.