Broward Police Hide Evidence of Voter Fraud: Block U.S. Rep From Video Recording Moving Box Loads of Documents

Elder Patriot – Last night young firebrand Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz was performing his civic duty when the Broward County Police forced him to vacate the area.

This follows on the heels of another congressional candidate posting a video of what appears to be a massive transfer of similar files under extremely circumspect conditions.

Both videos reveal an Enterprise rental truck.

The representative for Florida’s 23rd congressional district is corrupt Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  She’s so corrupt that Hillary Clinton had to have her removed as DNC chair after the evidence that she was rigging the primaries in Hillary’s favor became overwhelming and threatened her campaign.

Roll that around in your mind for a while.  She’s too corrupt, or more likely too recklessly corrupt, for even Hillary to tolerate!

Remember how threatening Wasserman-Schultz became towards the Capitol Police Chief after they had come into possession of her laptop that had been stolen by her IT staffer, Pakistani National, Imran Awan?

We raised a number of questions about Wasserman-Schultz’s relationship with Imran Awan at that time.  This is a worthwhile read for those who aren’t aware of the links between the FBI, Seth Rich, Imran Awan, the DNC, and Clinton henchman Wasserman-Schultz.

Broward is among the most corrupt counties in America, and not just when it comes to voting.  You’ll remember how every level of law enforcement in Broward, including the FBI, ignored dozens of warnings that Nikolas Cruz was a school shooter waiting to happen.

The response of the Broward PD immediately after receiving the call that Cruz had gone live only served to raise more questions about whether there were others with motives who were behind allowing the Cruz to go on a rampage.

Then the immediacy of the anti-Second Amendment campaign that began the same day only further called their motives into question.

Clearly, Democrats have been targeting our Second Amendment protections for decades and Obama-era policies, that Broward Sheriff Scott Israel had allowed to be put in place, was a major contributor to the shooter’s freedom to kill 17 high school students.

How corrupt is Broward County?  Sheriff Scott Israel is still at the helm of the police department.

Now there’s mounting evidence of election fraud and it is borne out by the numbers.  On September 30, 2016 the Miami Herald ran a story explaining that even though “Broward County is the bluest county in Florida,” Hillary Clinton was an infrequent visitor because  “the county has had a poor reputation for turnout in recent cycles.”


Where better to manufacture fake ballots, and destroy other ballots, than in a county with voter headroom to spare?

When does the top of the ticket get fewer votes than do down ballot candidates?

Oh, and Palm Beach County, the only other county still “finding” votes is also in Dirty Debbie’s district.

How freakin’ convenient.