In a Brilliant Political Move Trump Orders Bump Stock Ban

Elder Patriot – President Trump signed a memorandum in February directing the U.S. Department of Justice to write a regulation banning bump stocks.                             

The DOJ submitted the proposed regulation yesterday and it now moves to the Office of Management and Budget for approval.

In using this regulatory approach congressional approval is not required.  In an election year that is no small consideration for members of the president’s party.

So what has Donald Trump given up to strip Democrats of another of their prime issues in order to protect the Republicans running for re-election in closely contested races?  Not much it turns out.  Hardly any gun owners I know even used a bump stock let alone own one.

Even the NRA has called on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to review bump stock devices saying they “should be subject to additional regulation.”

Bump stocks first came to the attention of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in 2010 while B. Hussein Obama was president. 

Rick Vasquez was the senior technical expert at the BATFE tasked with deciding the legality of the device.  The question before Vazquez and his team: Did a bump stock transform a rifle into a machine gun, making it illegal?

The ATF defines a machine gun as any weapon that is capable of firing multiple rounds with the single pull of the trigger. 

After months of testing the devices and studying the law, the ATF ruled that the bump stock did not make a gun fully automatic, because the trigger of a rifle equipped with the device still engaged with each shot fired. For a technical explanation click here.

Vasquez was forced to conclude: “We could not find a way to classify it as a machine gun.” He explains how he came to that decision in detail here.

In a statement to Politifact Vasquez said that in order to re-evaluate bump stocks the ATF would have to change the way it interpreted the NFA or issue new legislation that would allow the device to be regulated.

But Vasquez had said no honest interpretation of existing law would allow him to “classify it as a machine gun” so that would mean any ban on bump stocks would require new legislation.

Democrats were salivating over this prospect because it would provide a chance to further limit another of our rights that they feel threaten them.  President Trump’s order stripped this issue from them, just as he stripped DACA from them.

By now it should be evident that Dems don’t exist to fix issues.  Issues are only valuable to them as a means of undermining our Constitutional protections – whether it’s the right of the president to regulate immigration or the right of Americans to own firearms to protect themselves from a tyrannical government – like one that refuses to regulate the flow of drugs and criminals across our borders.

According to FBI statistics, approximately 300 people are murdered annually with the use of rifles.  Almost none with bump stocks.  By comparison, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that about 10,000 unborn babies are killed each year in the United States in abortions that take place at 20 weeks or later in pregnancy (aka late term abortions.)

Many of those on the wrong end of those 300 murders were not so innocent – not nearly as innocent as those 10,000 aborted babies.

If Dems are so concerned with saving innocent lives, Trump should’ve traded bump stocks for an end to late term abortions.  As slippery slopes go that would be a great tradeoff.