BREAKING: Trump Announces Plan to Massively Cut Deep State Funding

ELDER PATRIOT – Anyone who thought that the State Department had escaped the much-anticipated bloodbath are about to find out that they were sorely mistaken. 

As a candidate and before that, Donald Trump watched as the Clintonistas at Foggy Bottom turned the Middle East into a war zone, cowered as the Chinese expanded its military threat across the Pacific Rim, drove the Russians into the arms of the Iranians, deliberately mishandled Hillary Clinton’s emails, and stabbed Israel in the back.  Trump resolved that if he became president the department’s influence had to be completely refocused or seriously curtailed.

Today, the White House released the president’s plans for the State Department and it’s way more than just a kick in the ass.  Trump is calling for a 37% reduction in the department’s $50 billion budget.

Initial news of Trump’s plan to limit further damage by the out-of-control department was met with immediate objection from the usual suspect, Lindsey Graham who said, “That is definitely dead on arrival,” complaining that the proposed State Department budget “puts our diplomats at risk.”

Au contraire, Goober.  This president will not expose our foreign diplomats to unnecessary danger a la Hillary Clinton.  There will be no further Benghazi’s with Trump calling the shots.  You can bet your bottom dollar Trump will do everything in his power to protect Americans in service to their country.

More likely, the $22.3 billion in USAID programs earmarked for countries that consistently vote against the interests of America and our allies at the United Nations is in Trumps’ crosshairs.

What scares members of the Deep State and their funding agents in Congress and the Senate the most is the light that President Trump is shining on their reckless spending that all too often undermines American’s interests.  Trump is going to refuse to continue funding our enemies’ armies solely for the sake of perpetuating arms sales and political unrest.

As Trump, Steve Bannon and Trump’s cabinet go about dismantling the bloated administrative state that seemingly exists only to perpetuate itself, this is going to play out over and over again.  Happily, the establishment will not be able delay Trump’s wrecking ball for much longer.