Breaking Proof: Comey Used His Time at the F.B.I. to Protect the Deep State

ELDER PATRIOT – The Washington Post ran an article with a headline proclaiming, “New special counsel Robert Mueller has history of standing up to the White House.”

“Robert S. Mueller III, who served as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the last two administrations, brings to his new role as special counsel a proven willingness to take on a sitting president.

In a high-drama episode in 2004, he and then-Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey were preparing to resign from their positions if President Bush reauthorized the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretap program without changes. Bush backed down.”


That may be true when the president is a Republican but that was not the case when Obama’s IRS and at least two other agencies had been given marching orders to harass his political opponents right under Mueller’s nose when he was the F.B.I. director during Obama’s first term..

It also wasn’t the case when Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder was shaking down large banks and secretly arranging for that money to be funneled directly to anarchist left-wing activist groups.  At least $3 Billion dollars changed hands this way.  That’s money that should’ve gone directly to the Federal Treasury.  That was your money.

But there’s another story revealed by this Washington Post article, as well:

then-Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey was preparing to resign from his position if President Bush reauthorized the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretap program

Whoa!!!  This is the same James Comey who went on to, at the very least ignore the Obama administration’s 1000’s of violations FISA court rules regarding unlawful surveillance and the unmasking of 100’s of American citizens.

Then, Comey whose job it was to know everything, orchestrated handing the investigation to Mueller!  There is a law against this.  It’s called collusion.

Comey, like Mueller’s hypocrisy, has only one purpose – protect the swamp and prosecute anyone who moves to expose the Deep State’s protection of the swamp.

Never has it been more evident that our nation’s intelligence agencies are out of control.  Instead of aiding the people’s government they are running it. 

Consider this: Despite ironclad evidence that Comey couldn’t ignore about Hillary Clinton’s violations of the Espionage Act – only because of the fake news alt-right media’s tenacity in chasing that story – he refused to prevent her from running for the highest office in our country.  Why?  Surely the Dems could’ve run someone less corrupt if they were forced to.

How in the world can the F.B.I. ever recover from such a gross violation of its fiduciary responsibility to the American people?  How much more evidence did Comey and Mueller before him keep from us?

It’s time for Jeff Sessions to appoint an elite team of specially vetted investigators to bring this RICO operation to justice.  And, it’s time for Congress to seriously cut funding to what have become co-opted into rogue agencies with virtually unlimited power to destroy anyone who threatens their criminal activities.

It’s time to put an end to the tail wagging the dog.  Never again should a member of the establishment elite like Chuck Schumer be able to threaten the president with Deep State reprisal for properly doing his job:

We must not let these crooks remove our president – no matter the cost.