Breaking: Proof Clinton Colluded to Create False Trump-Russia Connection

ELDER PATRIOT – Sara Carter and John Solomon of Circa News have been investigating the electronic surveillance of one of Donald Trump’s servers in Trump Tower.

Carter and Solomon knew there had to be more to the story and, at least for now, all roads lead back to Hillary Clinton and/or her campaign.

It had been established that some form of contact took place between a commercial email server registered at Trump’s office in New York City and a server at Alfa Bank in Russia.  Carter and Solomon picked it up from there.

According to Carter and Solomon this “quickly became grist for a series of stories suggesting there may have been a secret channel of communication between one of the largest private commercial banks in Vladimir Putin’s country and Trump’s campaign.” 

It appears however that Alfa Bank had merely sent mass advertising spam soliciting the recipients’ business.  Here’s where it starts getting murky.

Clinton supporter L Jean Camp came forward to bring up concerns about a possible connection between a Russian bank and Trump because she thought the FBI and the news media did not give enough attention to the data that she had surfaced.”

So, at the least, Clinton supporter and computer expert, L Jean Camp was illegally accessing Donald Trump’s server.  But it doesn’t end there.

Someone (Camp?) had taken advantage of their access to Trump’s server to send a series of pings to the Alfa Bank server to create the appearance of communication between Trump and Russia’s largest bank.

Alfa Bank has been hacked three times this year and has determined that the hacker(s) used a computer inside of the United States.  Was someone attempting to plant evidence that could later be “discovered” and used against Donald Trump?

Is this what Democrats are basing their hopes for impeachment on?

Alfa Bank has asked the U.S. Justice Department for help solving the mystery.  “Alfa believes that it was the victim of cyber spoofing in which an unidentified person or persons created the appearance of a backdoor communication channel between Moscow and America’s 45th president.”

Imagine that, a Russian bank asking the U.S. Justice Department for help!

Carter and Solomon appeared on Hannity last night to discuss their findings:

There were

Remember Clinton leveled her charges of collusion during the heated campaign and mainstream media took it and ran with it absent any evidence except the “findings” of Clinton partisan L Jean Camp who it now appears orchestrated the entire story.

When Hannity asked, “how convinced they are that this is a setup,” Solomon answered, “I think that the more recent ones there is going to be very strong evidence, when you look at the logs, somebody trying to create the appearance [of collusion.]”

Right now it appears the only collusion that took place was between hacker L Jean Camp and the Clinton campaign.  Further investigation by intelligence professionals may yet implicate Hillary sycophants within our intelligence agencies in an attempt to save her failing campaign. 

While that’s a possibility there’s a greater likelihood that Obama abused his presidential authority in a desperate effort to save his legacy and to prevent the world from being called to account for the numerous felonies and acts of treason that he committed during his presidency.

When our various intelligence agencies exonerated Trump and his team of any collusion with the Russians the mainstream media had some serious egg on their faces.  That led them to change the narrative that “wiretaps” supposedly confirmed Hillary Clinton’s campaign accusations of a Trump-Russian connection, and change course attempting to sweep the whole affair under the rug.  “Wiretapping, what wiretapping?”

Need more proof that the MSM is in bed with Obama and Clinton?  Circa News uncovered these facts a week ago but the MSM has avoided reporting that the fake news that they came up with to replace the original fakes news reports that they issued, were also fake news!  Think about that for a minute.

Let me amend my previous statement.  For now Carter and Solomon have shown that collusion took place between hacker L Jean Camp, the Clinton campaign, and the mainstream media.  If the Watergate investigation showed us anything it’s that this is going to implicate significantly more important players than it has already.