BREAKING NEWS: Solomon Bombshell Reveals FBI Debunked 90% of the ‘Steele Dossier’ in Early 2017 Yet Still Used it to Defraud FISA Court

Elder Patriot – Investigative reporter John Solomon joined Sean Hannity were he once again broke bombshell news.

During the interview, Solomon revealed that FBI agents had built a spreadsheet-like document after painstakingly researching every claim Steele made about Trump’s possible collusion with Russia.     

In early 2017, the FBI began on a significant effort to assess the credibility of the Steele dossier. 

They interviewed one of his primary sources, a Russian living in the west and they came to the assessment after the interview, which I believe was in January or February in 2017, that he was either intentionally misleading Steele or exaggerating in ways that caused Steele’s report to be grossly inaccurate.

They then took every factual statement in the Steele dossier memos and put them in a spreadsheet and analyzed them and came to conclude that the vast majority of them were either wrong, unverifiable despite all the investigative tools the FBI had or things that an intern with a google search could find on the internet. Not actionable intelligence, but google garbage. That is the quality of what they had.

Why is that significant? At the time they were learning this, they were continuing to represent to the court that Christopher Steele was a reputable source, that his information might be reliable.

One thing they discovered that they learned early on was wrong, the seminal thing they shared with the FISA Court, they wrote in a verified FISA application that Christopher Steele had corroborated or verified that Carter Page had met with [Rosneft oil executive] Igor Sechin and [senior government official] Igor Divyekin, two senior Russians close to Putin, during a trip in July 2016. 

The FBI never verified that and ultimately concluded it did not happen. That is the sort of information they knew was wrong in 2017. It took us until 2019 to get the same answer.

Earlier today Solomon wrote:

Multiple sources familiar with the FBI spreadsheet tell me the vast majority of Steele’s claims were deemed to be wrong, or could not be corroborated even with the most awesome tools available to the U.S. intelligence community. One source estimated the spreadsheet found upward of 90 percent of the dossier’s claims to be either wrong, non-verifiable or open-source intelligence found with a Google search.

In other words, it was mostly useless.


For example, U.S. intelligence found no evidence that Carter Page, during a trip to Moscow in July 2016, secretly met with two associates of Vladimir PutinRosneft oil executive Igor Sechin and senior government official Igor Divyekin — as part of the effort to collude with the Trump campaign, as Steele reported.


The inaccuracy of Steele’s intelligence on Page is at the heart of the inspector general investigation specifically because the FBI represented to the FISA court that the intelligence on Page was verified and strong enough to support the FISA warrant. It was, in the end, not verified.


The FBI’s own spreadsheet was so conclusive that it prompted then-FBI Director James Comey (no fan of Trump, mind you) to dismiss the document as “salacious and unverified” and for lead FBI agent Peter Strzok to text, “There’s no big there, there.” FBI lawyer Lisa Page testified that nine months into reviewing Steele’s dossier they had not found evidence of the collusion that Steele alleged.

Following Solomon’s appearance, House investigator Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) confirmed that “John Solomon’s reporting is accurate.”

Trump supporters always knew the Russian collusion allegations was the act of a corrupt political administration desperate to prevent exposure of their corruption.

There will be no backtracking by Democrats or their media allies.  Democrats, who have abandoned any semblance of governing, have gone all-in on taking down President Trump by any means possible.  

Time for them to double down on calling President Trump, and his followers, racists.