BREAKING: Judicial Watch Gets LA County to Admit to 1.5 Million Ineligible Names On Its Voter Rolls

Elder Patriot – Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton joined WWOR’s Joe Concha to discuss the massive step towards guaranteeing election integrity in Los Angeles County his group reached with LA County:

23h23 hours ago

Fitton announced that LA County has sent notices to as many as 1.5 million inactive voters that are still on the county’s voter rolls as the first step in removing their names from those rolls and eliminating that avenue of voter fraud.  

That’s a massive number for a single county.  Fitton estimated that nationwide there may be as many as 3.5 million names on voter rolls who shouldn’t be there.  

Our research suggests that California may, by itself, have more than 3.5 million such registered voters.  That would equal, or surpass, the margin of Hillary Clinton’s popular vote advantage.

Judicial Watch found that in LA county there’s actually more names on the voters rolls than residents eligible to vote.

In addition to the massive mailing, that is the result of the settlement agreement with Judicial Watch that requires the County to remove as many as 1.5 million inactive registrations, the California secretary of state has also agreed to alert other California counties to clean up their voter registration lists in order to comply with the federal National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). 

Voter fraud has been known to exist in many forms in significant numbers for years but Democrats have been steadfast in rejecting attempts at instituting voter ID laws, calling them a racist attempt to suppress the votes of blacks.  

Curiously, those same Democrats have no similar concerns about EBT cards, social security registrations, or any of dozens of laws protecting the federal treasury from fraud.

The fact is Democrats welcome this opportunity to steal elections as video journalists working for Project Veritas caught Clinton operative Robert Creamer admitting to on camera.

Creamer: “We’ve been bussing people in to deal with you fuckin’ assholes [Republicans} for fifty years, and we’re not going to stop now.”

Having researched this topic thoroughly over the past 3 years, it’s our opinion that 3.5 million only scratches the surface.

Combine that with voting machine tampering (Black Box Voting) in Dem districts that shifts the actual vote totals after votes have been recorded, same day registration, and states that allow illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses, and the potential to alter electoral outcomes by millions of votes becomes very real.