Breaking: ISIS Bombing In NYC Port Authority

Elder Patriot – An early morning bombing in a subway tunnel at NYC’s Port Authority during the height of rush hour is the latest Islamic-inspired terror attack.  Our liberal betters have told us that murderous actions like that of this bomber should be accepted as a way life.

Only by the grace of God was no one killed.

The NYPD identified Bangladesh national Akayed Ullah as the bomber.

This comes on the heels of a Muslim day of rage in Bangladesh’s capital city, Dhaka where last week thousands of Muslims protested President Trump’s announcement that the United States was going to officially move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

The left will now point to the president’s decision to move the embassy as a threat to Middle East peace negotiations.  It would be more accurately described as a temper tantrum similar to those thrown by spoiled brats when they don’t get everything they want.

After four decades of negotiations that saw massive concessions by Israel only to be met only by intransigence from Arab negotiators it should be obvious to everyone that the president’s announcement was simply an excuse to throw a hissy fit, something these media manipulating terrorists and their political backers have perfected.

After all, when they’re not killing Jews and Christians they’re killing each other.

When it first took root the use of terrorism, as a tool to justify a political movement should’ve been recognized as a crime.  Now that it has become a daily concern in our lives we are being told to view it as a crime by those same liberals who first sought to benefit politically from it.

We should no more accept the acts of terrorists than we do the temper tantrums of our children when they learn that there are limits to their own self-importance.

Again, this morning we were reminded of this fact.  President Trump made the right decision.  Decades of concessions by the Israelis at the behest of previous U.S. presidents have resulted in the spread of terrorism to our country and little else. 

The time had come to signal to the Arabs that the best deal they were going to get came with a time limit.  President Trump did that.  Lets see if that brings them back to the table with a new urgency.  He should be applauded for that.