Breaking: Insider Confirms Obama-Clinton Planned Supreme Court Coup

Elder Patriot – Following his unexpected death we examined the possibility that Antonin Scalia was murdered as part of a broader plot to reshape the Supreme Court into a liberal cesspool where the Constitution would go to die.  The was enough evidence of a cover-up and advanced knowledge of what was coming that we felt comfortable writing about the anomalies surrounding Scalia’s death.

It’s now apparent that then-President Obama’s appointee, Merrick Garland was targeted to replace Scalia.  Garland was as conservative as we could have hoped for from a radical leftist like Obama except when it came to gun rights.  Garland simply didn’t believe in the Second Amendment at all. 

Obama’s expectation was that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would sell Garland to the Republican majority as the best they could hope for.  That never happened but Garland was still in line for the nomination following Hillary Clinton’s election.

The real news, however, is the second Supreme Court Justice to be replaced was Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  That plan was the subject of the infamous tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and sitting Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Our insider confirmed what we surmised at the time – Bill Clinton promised Loretta Lynch a Supreme Court appointment.  All she had to do was make the FBI’s email investigation go away.  And, wait for Justice Ginsburg to retire – something that had already been arranged.

That explains why Ginsburg felt comfortable trashing Donald Trump prior to the election, an unthinkable no-no for a sitting Supreme Court Justice.  She already had one foot out the door.

Schadenfreude: Comey believed the polls that showed Hillary was unbeatable and that made him comfortable reopening the email investigation following the Huma Abedin-Anthony Weiner laptop seizure.  His plans were to reopen and run a sham investigation, dismiss it, and pave the way for Hillary to enter office with the email scandal behind her.

Unfortunately for everyone involved with Hillary, the American people had other ideas.

And now the fun begins for us.  For Comey, Lynch, Obama, Ginsburg, and Clinton, not so much.  Comey and Lynch are facing prosecution for their roles in this conspiracy.  Ginsburg is dying a slow death on her own.  And Clinton and Obama, whether they are eventually prosecuted or not, will be living in a hell of their own making for eternity.

Double Schadenfreude:  Trump will get at least two more Supreme Court appointments, including Ginsburg’s seat, reshaping a conservative Supreme Court for a generation to come.