BREAKING: Hillary Shielded Sex Offender – Served as Her Faith Advisor

Elder Patriot – Wow.  The more you know about Hillary Clinton the more “deplorable” she becomes.

The New York Times reported that four sources have corroborated that Burns Strider had been accused of repeated sexual harassment of a staffer.

Strider was Hillary’s faith advisor. 

When the young staffer came forward to complain, Clinton’s campaign advisor wanted to fire Strider.  Instead Hillary – that stalwart of women everywhere – had the young woman reassigned and forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Remember when Hillary tried to cover for her past sins by releasing this ad:

But wait, there’s more.  Rather than fire Strider, who clearly had serious shortcomings as a spiritual advisor, Hillary docks him a few weeks pay and added counseling to his “busy” schedule.

Seriously, Strider wasn’t some genius political strategist that couldn’t be spared so what was Hillary thinking?

Maybe Hillary had found it damned near impossible filling that position in the first place.  After all, finding someone to minister to a protector of pedophiles, defender of infanticide, and who herself is a serial abuser of women, can’t be easy.