Breaking: Hillary Clinton Was Secretly The Subject of a Grand Jury Investigation – This is Huge

ELDER PATRIOT – Tom Fitton who has been investigating Hillary Clinton’s misuse of her unlawful email server has just made a striking revelation.

Writing in Breitbart the president of Judicial Watch revealed that the FBI had secretly convened a grand jury over her use of a BlackBerry to conduct official State Department business in violation of 18 U.S. Code § 798 that defines and lays out the penalties for the disclosure of classified information.

Because of the obstruction of Secretary of State John Kerry who succeeded Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch the recovery of Hillary’s emails never happened, in defiance of a court order.

Now Fitton and Judicial Watch have filed another lawsuit.  This one is “seeking to force Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to take steps to “recover emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton” and other U.S. Department of State employees” (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. Rex Tillerson (No. 1:15-cv-00785)), according to Fitton. 

FBI Special Agent E.W. Priestap declared under penalty of perjury that the FBI “obtained Grand Jury subpoenas related to the Blackberry e-mail accounts, which produced no responsive materials, as the requested data was outside the retention time utilized by those providers.”

This is a very disturbing revelation.  There is absolutely no excuse for the FBI, the State Department, and the Justice Department obstructing a grand jury investigation and then hiding the fact that Hillary Clinton had been the subject of that grand jury investigation.  As a candidate for president this was an absolutely critical piece of information for the voters to know about.

How could FBI Director James Comey stand before us and say “no reasonable prosecutor would seek an indictment” in this case when, a grand jury had already been convened specifically for that purpose?

Loretta Lynch must be made to answer whether it was her decision to squelch the possible indictment or if she did it under orders from then president, Barack Obama.

President Trump, there’s no avoiding this.  The only reason Hillary Clinton wasn’t indicted was because the government conspired to hide the evidence from the grand jury charged with making that decision.  Instead, she almost won the presidency with the help of the criminal co-conspirators inside the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. 

It’s past time to Drain the Swamp at the State Department and the Department of Justice.  As for Comey, he must be fired immediately. 

Comey either made the decision not to indict Hillary Clinton for political reasons of his own, or he caved to the demands of Lynch and/or Obama and kept his mouth shut about it.  In either case he is compromised.  This is a fatal flaw for an FBI director.

Tom Fitton is just an ordinary patriotic American.  We can use a whole lot more like him.  Kudos to Judicial Watch!