BREAKING: Former Dem Gubernatorial Candidate (FLA) Andrew Gillum Found in Hotel Nude With Methamphetamines

The Framers understood the importance of truthful and accurate reporting if voters were to maintain control over those who purport to represent them.

Unfortunately, over the years those politicians who wanted to control voters… rather than the voters to control them… allowed a mass consolidation of the media that allowed them greater control over the messaging the people were allowed to hear.

This was never more evident than the breaking news about Andrew Gillum (D-FL) who missed being elected Florida’s governor in a contested vote in 2018.

Gillum was found inebriated, nude, and with two other men.  Draw your own conclusions.  This putz was almost governor of one of the nation’s largest states.

It was just a little over 16 months ago that the Democrat aligned media were singing the praises of Andrew Gillum:

(NYMag) Yet it’s Gillum, and his Florida contest, who’s attracted the attention of not only the national press, but both parties’ leading strategists and donors, who’re looking for clues about what could work in the most important battleground state in presidential races, ahead of 2020. (Liberal billionaires George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Michael Bloomberg have all invested in Gillum…

A who’s who of Democrat moneymen funded the messaging that simultaneously promoted and obscured the far-left, and now we know drug abusing, Gillum.  Like dog whistles to call, both, the party extremists and moderates at the same time.

And, Gillum almost won thanks to corrupt Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes who forced the delay of confirming Ron DeSantis governor for more than a week by claiming she kept finding (manufacturing?) votes.

How could an outstanding candidate like Ron DeSantis be challenged by an allegedly corrupt Jacksonville mayor?  How could Donald Trump be challenged by a corrupt former Secretary of State?

Devin Nunes, the man who exposed the Obama administration’s years-long illegal surveillance of its political enemies and the mainstream media that occurred long before they weaponized the intelligence community against Donald Trump, explains the power a corrupt media has over political outcomes

(News Wars) … Nunes went on to demolish the corporate media, calling out their allegiance to the Democrat Party and their refusal to do actual journalism.

“That’s really what caused this problem, Maria. The legacy media in this country, they’re not doing their jobs,” Nunes said.

“This whole Russia hoax and Ukraine hoax, they were in on it from the very beginning. They’ve refused to talk about just how wrong the Democrats really were…They’re just part of the team. They’re part of the socialist left. There’s no other excuse for it.”

But for the Grace of God, and in the face of all mainstream media reporting, Florida barely dodged having a druggie governor in a contested election.