Breaking: Ford Accepts Offer to Testify With Unacceptable Request

Elder Patriot – Christine Blasey Ford is looking more and more like a woman suffering from an overload of toxic feminism.  She has charged Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh with sexual assault for something that she has virtually no way to prove.

In a he said/she said battle, Kavanaugh’s impeccable personal history, Ford loses.

She asked to be heard only after the Senate Judiciary Committee had wrapped up its hearings on Kavanaugh.  It was hard not to view the timing of her request as anything more than a delaying tactic.

The Democrats had previously turned the nomination hearings into a shitshow by coordinating with more than 200 radical feminists who consistently disrupted the hearings but only during times of Republican questioning.

This included a bleeding mess of a woman who deliberately did nothing to hide her menstruation.

Ford, who claims to remember nothing about the night of the assault, only that it was Kavanaugh, doesn’t even recall what night the assault occurred.  Or, what year.

Republican Chairman Charles Grassley has bent over backwards to let her get her story out.  He even offered to fly out to her location if that would be more convenient.

Well, after a week of trying to decide if she wants to go through with it she has just accepted the committee’s offer to testify.  

On Thursday.

This is a deliberate stalling tactic and Ford and her radical leftist attorney know it.  After Wednesday the calendar for moving Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote by the full Senate means he can’t be seated when the Court begins hearing cases in October.

Grassley has been more than consider of the alleged “victim” but the time to vote, given that she refuses to accommodate the Senate calendar, has passed.

This is all kabuki theater.  Every Democrat on the committee has already said they’re a no vote so let’s get on with it.  

Grassley should hold the committee vote on Monday, or over this weekend, and send Kavanaugh’s name to the full Senate for confirmation.

Ford can still come in on Thursday, present her case, answer questions, and whatever probative value comes from that session would be available to every senator anyways.

Republicans are losing hard-earned political capital by letting a lone, incredible, radical feminist hold them hostage.  

The Senate was once referred to as the most deliberative body on earth.  Now there’s more order to a WWE cage match than in the U.S. Senate when Democrats get rolling.

Republicans must start acting like winners and take the vote without further delay.  And maybe, just maybe, they can send a message to Democrats that a little decorum, propriety, and adherence to the Rules of the Senate, would be a good thing.

One would think this kind of behavior is indicative of a party in the throes of self annihilation as a desperate final measure to sway public opinion in their favor.