BREAKING: The FISA Memo Is Now Declassified – Here Is What We Know So Far

Elder Patriot – President Donald Trump, just minutes ago, ordered the declassification of the memo outlining the findings of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence into Obama administration abuses at the FBI and DOJ.


In issuing his decision Trump returned the memo to the HPSCI with the authorization to release it.


The key takeaways from the soon-to-be released memo include:

  • The FISA court would not have agreed to issue the surveillance warrant against Trump’s campaign had the phony dossier not been included in the application
  • Testimony from a high-ranking DOJ official was relied on by the court
  • After the FBI and the DOJ presented the application Christopher Steele – the author of the phony dossier – continued meeting with DOJ prosecutor Bruce Ohr in the department offices in pursuit of more dirt.


In authorizing the release Trump was asked what he thought of the HPSCI’s findings.  His answer was short and to the point, “It’s a disgrace.”

More to come… As soon as the memo is made public we will publish all 4 pages in it’s entirety, stay tuned.