ELDER PATRIOT – The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is a widely respected privately run think-tank whose output is politically influential with both government and private-sector funders.

While the report does not directly fix the total amount for its readers the information is there for anyone willing to pour through the almost 500 pages to tally the cost for themselves.  And, the cost of immigration is staggering to everyone but you guessed it, international corporations and those who invest in them.  Oh, let’s not forget the illegal immigrants themselves.

Illegal immigration adds a half trillion dollars to federal spending annually and therefore to our national debt by redirecting taxpayers’ money to large corporations, Wall Street, and to the immigrants themselves.

The report concludes that every unskilled illegal immigrant costs state and local taxpayers $1,600 annually at a total cost approaching $60 billion every year.  The lone bright spot is that this net loss eventually ends…in 75 years!!!

The report is deliberately written to obscure the findings as one of the report’s contributors, Harvard Professor George Borjas posted to his website

Bojas, an expert on immigration, concluded in his “easy-to-use guide”   that:

“…the report does not give a transparent estimate of the size of the wealth transfer from workers to firms, reporting instead that, on average, wages went down by 5.2 percent. It would be better if they had reported the number of dollars involved in that transfer. That number, it turns out, would be about $500 billion.”

The costs of creating all of this opportunity for illegal immigrants are forcing ever-increasing numbers of young Americans to move back in with their families.  That should pass though…in about 75 years.

Donald Trump estimates the cost of building a wall along the Mexican border to be $12 billion.  The Washington Post considers themselves greater experts on the cost of building than Mr. Trump and they estimate the cost would be double his estimate.

Even using Wapo’s estimate the return on investment – something the government never considers when spending money – would be 2000% annually to the American taxpayer. 

Finally a candidate for high office that understands finance and puts Americans first.

H/T Breitbart