Breaking: Conyers Steps Down

Elder Patriot – Rep. John Conyers has announced that he will step aside as the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee pending a complete investigation into allegations he ​sexually harassed staffers.

The 27-term congressman has put his fate in the hands of the House Ethics Committee meaning that nothing will come of its investigation.  It does, however, buy time allowing Mitch McConnell’s establishment Republicans to continue their calls for Roy Moore to step aside buoyed by this news.

In what appears to be a coordinated effort Senators John Thune and Rob Portman appeared on the Sunday shows to call for Moore to step aside just hours before Conyers agreed to go nowhere but to take a “timeout.  This gives McConnell an opening to save the establishment coalition he has forged with Chuck Schumer.

The difference between Conyers’ situation and the charges against Alabama Senate candidate Moore is that the Michigan Congressman actually made multiple payouts to at least one accuser.  The events of the past week clearly indicate that Conyers never would have agreed to leave his powerful position on the Judiciary Committee absent that evidence.

Even as Conyers was being forced into stepping down this morning, Nancy Pelosi was still defending him:

The panic among Washington’s establishmentarians has become palpable but their calls for Roy Moore to step aside without real evidence that stands up to legitimate scrutiny only confirms our belief that they fear him as much as they feared Donald Trump.