Breaking: Clinton Bribed F.B.I. Agent Overseeing The Investigation Into Her Emails

ELDER PATRIOT – There are no limits to the Clinton’s web of corruption.  Even the FBI’s vaunted reputation for integrity has fallen victim to reach of this evil witch with a capital B.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Hillary Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe contributed in excess of $675,500 to the Senate candidacy of the wife of FBI agent Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who oversaw the investigation into her use of an illegal homebrew server that exposed our national secrets to Russian hackers.

McAuliffe has been a Democrat operative whose willingness to do the Clinton’s dirty work over a long number of years saw him rewarded with the governorship of Virginia.  As governor, McAuliffe recruited the wife of the FBI’s lead investigator to be his party’s senate nominee at the behest of Hillary Clinton who was already being investigated by the FBI.

Acting on the direction of Hillary Clinton, McAuliffe’s PAC contributed $467,500 directly to the Senate Campaign of D. Jill McCabe according to campaign finance records. 

But, that wasn’t even the extent of the financial support he extended to Jill McCabe.  McAuliffe directed the Virginia Democratic Party to support McCabe’s by assuming the costs of her campaign mailers to the tune of another $207,788.

While there are no laws preventing anyone from making or accepting political contributions to the candidates or members of their family, because of Clinton’s use of this loophole to corrupt an investigation, it’s clear that there should be.

Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI should have recused himself from participating in the investigation once his wife accepted the money to avoid any appearances of impropriety.  Instead, the FBI’s Deputy Director McCabe and his wife Jill became just two more public servants corrupted by Hillary’s campaign of bribery, extortion, and death.