Breaking: BuzzFeed Poll Exposes Hillary’s Millennial Problem – Big Time!!!

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 12.24.07 PM

ELDER PATRIOT – With over 15 million votes having been cast Hillary Clinton has less that 0.5% of support from BuzzFeed visitors. 

BuzzFeed’s editors were so dismayed at the findings that they felt compelled to discount their own poll by adding this disclaimer: “This poll no longer accurately reflects the opinions of real people.”

BuffFeed is a site most frequented by Millennials almost 6 million times every day.  As of this morning the poll has been running for over four days, and even if you discount Donald Trump’s support as being artificially generated by over zealous supporters, what can you make of Hillary’s non support from the more than 25 million visitors to the site since the poll’s inception? 

Barely 1 in every four hundred visitors to the site found the energy and motivation necessary to vote for Mrs. Clinton.  That doesn’t translate well for getting voters motivated enough to actually go out and vote on election day.

But hey, what difference does it make?  As BuzzFeed reminds us these aren’t real people anyway.