Boycotting Democrats Should Henceforth Be Reviled

ELDER PATRIOT – I’ve often wondered how many of the men who died on the beaches of Normandy, at Guadalcanal or in any of the other great conflicts they were called on to engage in defense of our country, voted for the president who sent them to their deaths.

I’m sure many of those men believed the conflict they found themselves engaged in was unnecessary or unwarranted or bad policy but we never heard about it from the returning survivors who shared the same thoughts as their brethren who never returned home.

They united in a single shared effort on behalf of their fellow countrymen that took up arms on either side of them, united by a single goal to preserve the freedoms for the women and children they had left back home.

Unfortunately, the Democrats who are boycotting tomorrow’s inauguration, and who expressed their intentions to obstruct Trump’s America First agenda, as well as their petulant followers who have taken their lead, are disgracing the legacy of those great Americans who came before them. 

Isn’t it ironic that the Democrats who have relentlessly challenged us to accept diversity now reject us only because we see things differently than they do?  They claimed that diversity was our greatest strength but now, even though our skin color, ethnicity, and nationalities are as diverse as they are, they have contempt for us because we refuse to believe as they do.

Tomorrow, Donald Trump will deliver an aspirational vision for our collective futures, one that promises a return to prosperity and a return of the American Dream so that our children and their children may look forward to better tomorrows once again.

How can we not unite behind such lofty and sensible goal?

We defeated the world’s two major military powers in a little over two years during WWII because we came together and worked with a singular goal as our motivation.  As Donald Trump has said any number of times already, there is nothing we cannot accomplish if we work together to accomplish it.

Is anyone foolish enough to believe that every member of the armed forces loved every other one during the great conflicts they were called on to fight?  There was great division along ethnic lines among our soldiers, sailors, and airmen but they were united by an even greater hatred, the hatred for the enemy who were intent on putting an end to the American Dream.

Today Americans are dying on foreign battlefields the result of a political tug-of-war that our politicians don’t seem to care about.  They have made it clear that their re-election is the only thing that really matters to them and that lying to and stealing from the American taxpayer is acceptable in that pursuit.

It’s time for the boycotting Democrats to stop their petulant behavior and to stop worrying about their 2018 re-election campaign, and to stop their party first attitude and to, at least for one day, send a message to America and to Americans that they come first.

It is time for us to come together as one nation.