BOOM! Rasmussen Poll: Black Support For Trump at 40%

Elder Patriot – If you’re wondering why the mainstream hate-Trump media has ramped up its rhetorical diatribes that Trump is a racist and a Nazi here’s the reason.

Rasmussen has found that 40% of blacks now approve of President Trump with 25% strongly approving of him.  

This is an astounding level of support that, if it carries into next week’s midterm election, will destroy any chances of a Pelosi speakership.

As a candidate, Donald Trump reached out to the black community that had been sorely ignored – and at times outright destroyed – by liberal policymakers.  

So many generation had been born into poverty that Trump posed this question to them; what did they have to lose?

Trump delivered his appeal to blacks who had assembled in a Detroit church.  Detroit may well be the poster child for the ravages that more than a half-century of Democratic policies will wreck on a community, their families, and their generational poverty.

Trump received only 8% of the black vote in 2016 but, despite the meager support, he proved to be a man of his word and today black unemployment is at an all-time low.  All the set-asides and affirmative action quotas aside, it takes a strong economy for everyone to benefit.

There’s also President Trump’s strong stand against illegal immigrants who all too often take the jobs that Americans in lower economic groups used to fill.  The very presence of illegal workers increases the employment pool available to employers and that, too, drives wages downwards for those who do find work.

Blacks are not immune to these facts.

And they are showing their growing independence from the party of the KKK and urban plantations.  This week President Trump hosted a young black leadership gathering at the White House where his comments were met will raucous approval:

This occurred during #WalkAway weekend.  And, at the end of the weekend, Candace Owens, an example of what a person can accomplish when they reject victimhood in favor of self-empowerment, urged blacks to leave the Democrats’ plantations for good:

If even half of blacks who are shown to support President Trump’s policies by this poll vote for Trump-endorsed candidates, November 6th will be a very long night for Dems.