BOOM: Actor Robert Davi Calls Schumer “A Rotten Corpse” in Viral Tweet

Elder Patriot – Everyone, on both sides of the aisle, has had to admit that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer would’ve been better off had they not attempted a rebuttal following President Trump’s Oval Office address on Tuesday night.

They were that bad.  No. They were worse than that.

Even far-left operative James Carville had to admit Schumer and Pelosi were a disaster:

“[Schumer] didn’t want to be there.  I’ve been more excited about colonoscopies than he was giving the speech tonight. He didn’t want to be there.”

Those optics led conservative actor Robert Davi to tweet this video of himself:

“You’re lying to the American people.  How many times are you going to continue to sit there like a rotten corpse with a bald faced lie on your face!

“I saw you, sir, vote for the Wall!

“You voted for a Wall, sir.  Several years ago. So did Ms. Pelosi.

“So did the Democratic Party when they wanted $50 billion for border security.”


“How come the networks aren’t showing your flip-flopping?  Show that CNN. MSNBC.”

The networks may not be showing that flip flopping but we will:


“People, wake up.  See through their nonsense and the media-industrial complex.”

CNN?  Forget about that Marxist mouthpiece.  They censor any report that contradicts their narrative:

Barack Obama:

And we’re working to make sure we have sufficient facilities to detain, house and process them [illegal aliens] appropriately and it is unlikely that their children will be able to stay.

And I’ve asked parents across Central America not to put their children in harm’s way.

My how that narrative has changed.  Suddenly those detention facilities – built under the direction of then-President Obama have, according to the propaganda media morphed into concentration camps under President Trump.

Schumer then:

People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the U.S. legally.

Schumer now:

The president’s [Trump] decision to end DACA was heartless and it was brainless.  Hundreds, hundreds of thousands of families will be ripped apart.

Hundreds of thousands of families?  WTF?

How is that not a greater threat to American workers (taxpayers) today than it was when he originally spoke against illegal aliens?

Davi is right.  It’s either now or never: