Blame and Ignorance Used to Attract Rank & File Useful Idiots

Elder Patriot – People feel more comfortable around other people who look like them.  That is an undeniable fact that has been used to convince people that racism is a one-way street and only minorities are the victims.

The other day Michelle Obama repeated something that has been a foundational premise of the Left: “The GOP is all men, all white.”

That is hyperbole of course.  But it does raise the question of whether only someone of the same color can effectively lead any particular demographic group.

Barack Obama just completed eight years as President of the United States.  He had two Attorneys General charged with enforcing laws that protect blacks economic interests.  Both were black.  How did that turn out?

“On every leading economic issue, in the leading economic issues Black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories”. – Tavis Smiley, Black American talk show host, author, liberal political commentator, entrepreneur, advocate and philanthropist.

Despite this, if given the opportunity, Blacks would vote for Barack Obama eight days a week.

Across the country Blacks elected to leadership represent some of the poorest districts and run a disproportionate percentage of the poorest performing and most corrupt school districts in the country.  And, these communities are rife with violence.

Is this evidence of systemic racism that makes it impossible to for Blacks to succeed in mostly white America?  That is what they want their constituents to believe, but is it true?  Or, have Black voters subscribed to the very tribalism that their elected leaders ascribe to Whites?

There is clear and convincing evidence that Black voters, despite enormous economic gains when compared to other Americans, do not approach the great American debate based on any issue other than race.

Yet, Blacks notoriously vote for Black candidates for elected office 90-95% of the time when they are given that choice.

If Whites did this they’d be accused of being racists.  But, are Blacks being racist or are they simply choosing to believe in the candidate that provides a convenient excuse that it is the color of their skin that finds them in their current situation?

And, in a nation of dwindling economic prosperity, which we experienced during the eight years that Obama was in office, it’s easier to convince every demographic group that their woes are caused by other, equally tribal groups.

Democratic leadership is claiming, “White Privilege makes it impossible for Whites to comprehend the sinister societal forces that Blacks confront everyday.”

That’s true but isn’t the reverse also true?  It requires no leap of logic to say that Blacks have no idea what Whites growing up in America face.

Here’s statistical proof that White voters, who are normally likely to vote Republican based on their embrace of personal fiscal responsibility, gave Barack Obama a chance they wouldn’t have given to a White candidate with the same economic platform.

In 2000, 55% of Whites voted for George Bush.  Bush’s first term was marked by tax cuts that resulted in massive economic expansion.  It therefore follows that an increased number of White voters would support George Bush in 2004, which they did with 58% voting to give him a second term in 2004.

While that may prove that Whites vote for “the economy stupid” it doesn’t disprove they may also harbor racial animus.

Maybe this does.  In 2000 (42%) and 2004 (41%) Whites voted for the Democrat candidate in a lower percentage than they voted for Obama in 2008 (43%.) Significantly, in 2016, after Hillary Clinton promised to continue and expand upon Barack Obama’s fiscal policies her support among Whites plummeted to 37%, lower than their support for Obama in 2008 or 2012.

It wasn’t until after Obama pushed through the economy killing Wall Street Reform Act and his signature healthcare legislation against the will of voters that White voters abandoned him. 

The conclusion, based on available facts rather than politically motivated innuendo, is that Whites voted based on fiscal policy after initially giving America’s first black president a pass on his admittedly socialist views.

What about Black voters whose median family incomes had fallen at generally the same rate as White voters during the first four years of Obama’s term?  In 2012 they still voted for Obama at a higher rate than they have for white Democratic candidates in the past.

This leads to the conclusion that Blacks either ignore fiscal issues when choosing a candidate to support or they are ignorant of the policies altogether and choose to support candidates who tell them what they want to hear.  That would be consistent with the pre-adolescent and teenage behavior they exhibit in school while growing up. 

Whatever leads them to their belief system they must have their facts straight if we are to build bridges to understanding.  The entire NFL knee-taking protest is based on lies proving even millionaire Blacks rather embrace falsehoods than be leaders in their communities.

Peter Kirsanow, an attorney and member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, debunked the entire myth of police brutality towards blacks in less than five minutes using facts, and, nothing but facts.

Using Department of Justice statistics Kirsanow pointed out:

“That blacks are killed two and a half times more often than whites are by policemen.  However, when you take a look at that statistic that is far less than what the data would predict given black crime rates. 

“Take New York City for example.  Blacks are not two and a half times more likely to commit crimes.  Blacks in New York City are thirty-five times more likely to commit robberies than whites, thirty-eight times more likely to commit murders, and fifty-one times more likely to engage in shootings regardless of whether or not it results in a homicide.

“So, when you think of about two and a half times versus 51 times, the type of police involvement that you would expect from those kinds of stats is far below than what would be predicted.”

Kirsanow then went on to explain how the Ferguson Effect – police withdrawing from policing rather than to put their own lives at greater risk – is turning black communities into ever more dangerous places for law-abiding citizens and their children.

The problem for liberal politicians comes when opposing candidates refuse to be cowed by political correctness and manage to break through in an election following a particularly bad run of liberal politicians.

Proof of this came in 1993 when Rudy Giuliani barely squeaked past incumbent mayor David Dinkins to become mayor of New York City.  Dinkins, a black man, had run a particularly feckless administration that saw the city’s crime rates soar.  Even the toniest areas of Manhattan had become so unsafe that retail businesses had become endangered there.

Giuliani won two of the five boroughs in 1993.  By 1997, with law and order restored, Giuliani carried four of the five boroughs.

Why is this relevant now?  Because the race baiters that help keep establishment politicians in power are desperate to prevent Donald Trump from accomplishing the same thing his good friend, Rudy Giuliani did in NYC.

Safe communities with increased prosperity are the goals of everyday Americans regardless of their race or ethnicity.

That any politician would oppose this is deplorable.  That NFL players insist in perpetuating the “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” lie that was debunked in a court of law, coupled with their refusal to investigate the facts about the statistics of police brutality inspired by race, makes them the worst kind of useful idiots.