BITCH!!! Pelosi Helicopters in to Squash Bi-Partisan Bailout Plan

When asked at yesterday’s China virus presser about the likelihood of being able to make a deal on an emergency spending bill that would get money in the hands of suffering American families, President Trump responded that everyone in Congress wanted the same thing it was just a matter of working out the details.

Not everyone as it turns out.  Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has mastered the business of political prostitution and she’s not going to miss the chance to get her wrinkled mitts on that money.

With the Senate having spent the weekend negotiating a bi-partisan $1.6 Trillion economic bailout/stimulus bill political whore Nancy Pelosi returned from the House’ recess just in time to block it.

Remember when President Trump asked for $2.5 Billion for the initial fight against the virus?  Under Speaker Pelosi’s orders that amount was bumped to $8.5 so that she would have $3 Billion in discretionary spending for… “foreign aid.”

With $1.6 Trillion on the table, Pelosi has her own ideas how to distribute that money in order to attain maximum benefit for her party just as she did with the 2009 bailout funds.

It’s the way Democrats, and sadly some Republicans, roll.  Pelosi sees this as an opportunity to reward rich Democrat donors at the expense of families, small business owners, and of course, Republican owned enterprises.

Unlike 2009, there is no longer a Manchurian president in the White House.

All this makes one wonder if Pelosi has been working with the communist party in China to create this disaster.

One thing is clear, Pelosi and China both share their hatred of Donald Trump and want him gone so they can resume their unholy alliance where China enriches our politicians by funneling money through K-Street and in return they continue getting our jobs, our technology, and our intellectual property.

China developed and incubated the virus while Pelosi is exploiting it to inflict maximum political damage on President Trump.  You decide if that’s a holy alliance or not.

Thankfully, President Trump remains above Washington’s sordid political schemes, as he continues to work tirelessly for us, the American people.

Clearly the phone lines were burning last night as President Trump engaged the Wicked Witch of the West in a game of high stakes poker because at 10:26pm, Fox News’ Chad Pergram tweeted:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will force every Democrat Senator to show their vote to suddenly financially strapped Americans on live television…. 

Take that Nancy…

Let’s see how the media twists this. After all…

There are Trillions of Dollars at stake in the next election.