At Billy Graham’s Funeral His Sister Suddenly Remembers What Trump Told Her — The Crowd Explodes

Elder Patriot – God lent us Billy Graham to us for ninety years.  Last week he called Reverend Graham home. 

William Franklin Graham had served a unique purpose for unique times.  As Americans began choosing science over God for answers to life’s mysteries, Billy Graham stood like a tall powerful oak against those winds of supposed reason.

Graham’s remarkable life spanned from World War I to America’s rebirth with the election of Donald Trump.  And, make no mistake; God only considered Graham’s work here on earth completed with Trump’s election.

The remarkable reverend was 62 when Ronald Reagan took office.  At a time when most men were slowing towards retirement, Graham knew that there were more campaigns to be waged against Americans’ lost spirituality and those who would seek to benefit from it.

God gave Graham to us for another 37 years and Graham delivered Donald Trump to the presidency by energizing his evangelical base.

Josh Kimbrell’s recent piece for sums up America’s love affair with Graham and the least great spiritual president, Ronald Reagan:

“We Americans admired Billy Graham and Ronald Reagan in life, but we learned something even more special about them in death: that they were deeply loved figures who transformed America. Transformational leaders are rarely fully appreciated at the height of their careers; their reputations improve over time as the true impact of their influence is realized. Both of these leaders held the loyalty of their countrymen because they were the keepers of America’s faith and values.

“The Left was caught off-guard at the outpouring of support for both men at their deaths. Millions mourned them, revealing the extent to which the American people appreciated their tireless championship of our national values. Both Graham and Reagan defended values that many modern elites have written-off as old-fashioned…namely faith, family, and freedom. These are still the values by which most Americans outside liberal urban metropolises live. These are still the values that are the heartbeat of American culture.”

Today, President Donald Trump carries the mantle of those values that Graham preached forward to a future generation of Americans to be guided by.  Trump may be an imperfect vessel but Graham saw in him the desire to promote God’s blessings and the Divine Providence that he has bestowed upon the United States of America. 

The late reverend, through his son Franklin, chose Donald Trump out of a crowded field of pretenders.  What guided their wisdom if not God?

Thousands of people attended the funeral of William Franklin Graham including President and Melania Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen.

During her remembrance of her brother, Jean Graham recalled her conversation with President Trump prior to the ceremony that morning.

“When the president saw me today, he said, ‘my goodness, your family has good genes.’”

Graham, then turned to where Trump was sitting and said, “Well, you didn’t know that my name is Jean.”

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President Trump arranged for Reverend Graham to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda.  It is believed that Graham is only the fourth private citizen to be so honored.

Graham told evangelicals to trust Trump.  He obviously knew something about the man that he didn’t learn from the mainstream media.