Big Win For America in Louisiana Gubernatorial Primary Last Night

Eder Patriot – President Trump traveled to Louisiana on Friday night to rally his base to get out and vote in the state’s jungle primary on Saturday.  

Leader of the resistance, Nancy Pelosi was waiting to pounce if the president didn’t deliver the vote.  Sorry Nancy.

President Trump’s message of support to voters was to support any Republican challenger to the incumbent Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards in order to keep Edwards from winning outright with 50% +1 of the vote.

Voters heard Trump loud and clear.

In 2015, Edwards won the governorship in a landslide:

Yesterday the voters spoke: 

More than 190, 000 voters cast ballots than they did in 2015 and they all went to Edwards opponents… and then some.  Even with all those new voters, Edwards lost 20,000 supporters.

When Republican voters coalesce around the single candidate in November, Eddie Rispone, it’s likely the governor’s mansion will turn red.