Biden’s Motorcade Involved in Crash – Vice President Ignores Injured Mother of Five

ELDER PATRIOT – What is it about Vice President Joe Biden and the motorcades he travels in? A quick Google search of Biden’s accidents yielded at least five incidents including a fatality.

The New York Post was one of the only newspapers to report the latest accident caused by Biden’s motorcade when a state trooper in Biden’s motorcade crashed into three other cars on October 31st, injuring one person in Wilmington, Delaware.

The accident was also reported by a local ABC affiliate near Biden’s home as well as by

That was the extent of the reporting.  Perhaps that’s because the Vice President, who wants to be viewed as caring for the little guy, turned his back on the recently widowed mother of five who was injured in the crash.

Forty year-old Gina Cherwaty is a dental assistant who was on her way to work when her car was plowed into by one of the SUVs in Biden motorcade after it failed to stop or even to slow down for a red light.

Gina had purchased the car only days before the accident in which it was totaled. Her injuries were so severe that she required transportation by ambulance to a nearby hospital. 

A CAT scan and MRI revealed she had suffered a herniated disc and a pinched nerve in her neck.  She has been out of work ever since and earlier this month Gina suffered a seizure associated with the post concussion syndrome she was enduring as a result of the accident.

As a single mom, Gina already had been struggling to keep her family together on her meager income.  Now, not having worked in almost two months and with Christmas only a few days away Gina is out of money and is facing eviction, along with her five children, from their home in March.

Compounding Gina’s situation was the death of her ex-husband immediately prior to the accident and the passing of her father since then.  Gina has no one to turn to at this point.

Apparently it’s too much to expect the Vice President of the United States to take accountability for the injuries and financial distress he’s caused and continues to cause to Gina.

This has led Gina’s friend Jason Fyk to start a GoFundMe account with the hope that generous neighbors will help Gina pay the bills and feed her children while she’s convalescing and unable to work.

Disclaimer: Our research has found nothing to discredit this story but as with every request for a charitable contribution donors do so at their own risk.