VIA| If you’re ever in need of some entertainment, get on Twitter and mosey on over to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ official account and prepare for levels of amusement you never dreamed possible.


I never laugh at anything online half has hard as I do Sanders’ ridiculous socialist tweets.

Like this absolutely ironic piece of work he posted about young people not being able to find work.

Before allowing you to see some stellar responses from awesomely amazing Twitter users, I think it beneficial to help Bernie here understand why young folk are having such a hard time finding jobs.

It’s because of the hike in the minimum wage — which is already astronomically high — ravaging small business owners — you know, folks who usually give us kids our first crappy jobs sweeping out storerooms or flipping burgers — sucking their profits dry and preventing them from hiring new workers.

Most young people have no skills or experience, which makes entry level jobs at local small businesses a critical component of our economy.

Raising the minimum wage puts up a barrier that makes it impossible for these kids to get the work they need to build a resume.

Therefore, the very issue this socialist campaigns for is the very thing causing the problem he claims to be fighting against, hence the irony of said tweet. Oh, and since getting college loans has become ridiculously easy and everyone is flooding colleges and universities, graduates are over saturating the job market. On to responses:

Nice to know there are still a few people with common sense left in the world!