Beck’s Comments Following The Facebook Meeting Reveals He’s Either Ignorant or Lying

ELDER PATRIOT – Glenn Beck once did great work in defending freedom through investigative research that rivaled and surpassed anyone in the industry.  While at Fox News Channel he exposed the depth of George Soros’ liberal network and the threat it posed to America.


His work was so revealing that intense pressure was brought against the show’s sponsors to spend their money elsewhere.  To his credit, Roger Aisles moved the sponsors off of Beck’s show and into other time slots, actually giving Beck more airtime every hour, and he took full advantage of it.  He achieved unheard of ratings for the drive-time hour.

But, then Beck’s work became banal.  It happened suddenly.  On one show he promised a major revelation was in store for his next show.  When that show came…nothing.  And, nothing significant was ever again brought forth by Beck.  Since then his reporting has never been the same.

Once Beck’s work became commonplace Ailes had no reason to keep him on.  He hadn’t handled his success well having become a prima donna on the set and he never gave credit to any of the hundreds of people who provided the information he used to connect the dots.

Someone had reached Beck between those two shows and they scared every ounce of the journalistic integrity out of him.

Perhaps that’s the reason that Zuckerberg invited him to represent conservatives at last week’s meeting.  Beck didn’t let Facebook’s CEO down.

Tucker Carlson was also at the meeting.  He characterized Beck’s involvement thusly, the most extended assiduous suck-up I think I’ve ever seen a grown man commit.”

Beck’s post-meeting comments reveal he’s ignorant of how Facebook suppresses conservative interaction on their platform.  Or, he is lying.

“Facebook is by design a social platform.

That means, there will never be balance or fairness on Facebook, no matter what technology and what the technology team does.  Any wholly-open platform like that will always tend towards left-leaning ideas and themes getting more attention.  If it is truly open, it will still lead to more left-leaning ideas.”

Beck deliberately misses the point.  Conservative publishers that use the Facebook platform do not expect Facebook to drive readers to their sites.  They just want Facebook to stop suppressing their readers’ access to what’s on the pages of those they’re already friends with. 

The engagement rate measures your friends’ likes, comments and shares.  When the engagement rate drops by 75-80% virtually overnight on tens of thousands of conservative posts simultaneously there can be no excuse other than Facebook intervention.

Think of it this way.  You’ve used Fedex to send one hundred letters to your friends but only twenty are delivered and amazingly everyone with your political viewpoint is experiencing the same problems.

By suggesting that there’s a liberal bias to Facebook because of the nature of the platform is to convolute the facts.  Using the same example as above, there’s an overwhelming majority of liberals in Manhattan but I still have the right to expect every one of the 100 letters that I sent via Fedex to be delivered.

Though he’ll refuse to admit it, Beck understands better than most the results of the suppression of expression.  He’s been guilty of it since his days at Fox. 

Beck is now resorting to convoluting the arguments of those who only want to get their message out.  Roger Ailes once went to great lengths to protect Beck’s rights in this regard.  For the gutless Beck to now actively work to deny the same protections for those who seek to pick up where he left off is evidence he has abandoned his integrity.