Barr’s Decision to Hold Press Conference Ninety Minutes Prior to Handing Over the Mueller Report Sends Democrats Into Outraged Frenzy

E.P. – Imagine that.

Ninety minutes.  The lefist conspirators just enjoyed more than 1.3 million minutes of virtually uninterrupted coverage to create their bullsh*t narratives.

Now they’re freaking out about ninety freakin’ minutes?

Anti-Trump Democrats, who entered into a two-and-a-half-year long seditious conspiracy with the propaganda media to drive the completely now discredited Russian collusion delusion deep into the consciousness of Americans, are freaking out because Attorney General William Barr will be holding a press conference less than two hours prior to releasing the Mueller Exoneration Report.

This puts Democrats, and their co-conspirators in the media, in line with the strategies of every other criminal defendant’s attorneys:  They seek to suppress evidence and they insist on giving the jury an alternative theory of the crimes.

Herewith, just a sample of the left’s freakout from Twitter.  Those who were elected:

The last, from Hakeem Jeffries, is especially galling.  He tells the Attorney General of the United States to keep his mouth shut!  What the f*ck is he afraid of and why has he never told his fellow Dems to do abide by that command?

After all, Dems ran their mouths without any verified evidence.  A.G. Barr, on the other hand, is in possession of the findings of their hand-picked team of investigators.

And, from those in the media who appointed themselves the protectors of the criminal conspirators:

It would be fair to consider Attorney General Barr’s comments on the Mueller Exoneration Report an opening statement of sorts from the nation’s chief law enforcement officer.

Oh.  A word to the pearl-clutching Dems:

Too freakin’ bad.  It’s our turn now.