What More Could Barack Obama Have Done to Facilitate the Rise of The Muslim Caliphate?

ELDER PATRIOT – The American Left loves to tell us not to judge people by the way they look.  But, how else can anyone explain defending Barack Obama’s Middle East policy.

After seven and a half years in office, the results of Obama’s foreign policy are becoming crystal clear.  Much of the Middle East is in turmoil and Iran is on its way to becoming a nuclear power that will leave them well positioned to exert their military might throughout the region. 

Iran is the seat of militant Islam in the region and the largest funding agent of worldwide terrorism, yet Obama freed $150 billion to them at the same time he cleared the path to nuclearized weaponry.  His Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that the U.S. had no way to stop that money from being used to spread terrorism.  In fact, he admitted they expected at least some of it to be spent on fostering death.

ISIS, a violent terrorist organization that we should’ve and could’ve destroyed in its infancy, is growing stronger both economically and politically every day while Obama tells us they’re the JV team and discounts their clout in the region and around the world.

Europe is suffering from the Muslim invasion that now threatens the social fabric of the continent.  The countries that we once stood arm in arm with in defense of the Judeo-Christian worldview of freedom can no longer be counted on. 

With perhaps hundreds of thousands of advance Islamic extremists among the fifty million Muslims already residing in the various nation states of Europe, ISIS has begun planning for their invasion of Europe with the threat of a nuclearized Iran behind them.

Israel, the lone Democracy in the region is also the lone country that shares our Judeo-Christian worldview of liberty.   Because of that our relationship with Israel has always be inviolate.  Seven and a half years under Obama now threatens that relationship.

From marginalizing Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on official visits to the White House by making him wait while Obama dined with his family, to refusing to keep him informed of the Iran nuclear negotiations, Obama has exhibited nothing but disdain for the Israeli leader.

Then there’s Obama’s diminishment of our military that now finds America with the lowest level of troop strength since prior to WWII.  In an increasingly dangerous world, with China and Russia rattling their sabers with more and more frequency, what is Obama’s end game?

If Obama’s goal was to facilitate the rise of a caliphate that would stretch from North Africa to Pakistan what more could he have done? 


In fact, Obama has already told us his plans on page 261 of the book he authored, “The Audacity of Hope.”