Bannon Forecast Black Support for Trump Would Soar. Rasmussen: Doubled Since Last July

Elder Patriot – Donald Trump’s chief campaign strategist and later White House advisor, Steve Bannon, gave an interview to the Hollywood Reporter just 10 days after Trump shocked the political consultants and won the presidency.

On the same day Barack Obama had pulled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg aside at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Peru.  It was then that Obama blamed Zuckerberg that his failure to censor conservative voices cost Hillary the election and that it would only get worse after four years of the Trump presidency.

While the November 18, 2016 date was a coincidence it illustrates that they both saw the handwriting on the wall at the same time.

From the Hollywood Reporter:

Bannon, arguably, is one of the people most at the battle line of the great American divide — and one of the people to have most clearly seen it.

He absolutely — mockingly — rejects the idea that this is a racial line. “I’m not a white nationalist, I’m a nationalist. I’m an economic nationalist,” he tells me. “The globalists gutted the American working class and created a middle class in Asia. The issue now is about Americans looking to not get f—ed over.

If we deliver” — by “we” he means the Trump White House — “we’ll get 60 percent of the white vote, and 40 percent of the black and Hispanic vote and we’ll govern for 50 years. That’s what the Democrats missed.

They were talking to these people with companies with a $9 billion market cap employing nine people. It’s not reality. They lost sight of what the world is about.”

Donald Trump ran for president to restore prosperity to the American people.  He was convinced that with a prosperous American economy many of the “social issues” that divide divided would be healed because they were a natural result of people competing for resources made scarce by government policy.  

The Rasmussen Poll released yesterday showed the future president and his top advisor were right:

There is no conceivable path to a blue wave if 30% of black voters support Donald Trump and the candidates who support his economic plan.  Democrats cannot count on any defections from the Trump camp, either. Those voters who supported Trump’s candidacy are more entrenched behind him than they were on election day in 2016.

The plan is working.  Give Trump and Bannon credit.  They are the true patriots.