Bad Day for Dems: It’s Time to Admit That Pelosi is Mentally Unfit to Hold High Office

ELDER PARIOT – To say Democrats had an absolutely horrific day yesterday would be an understatement of immeasurable proportions.

It started when the video of Nancy Pelosi’s appearance on ABC’s “This Week” began airing widely on the cable news shows.

She gave full throat to the Democrats’ plan to obstruct Trump by espousing all of President Obama’s accomplishments early in his administration.  Did she forget that Obama rode to office with a 60-member Democrat Senate and control of the House that allowed him to pass both Obamacare and Dodd-Frank without a single Republican vote?  Or, that they turned out to be two of the worst economy killing laws in American history?

If it were anyone else besides Pelosi, it might be explained as simply political posturing but her recent public statements have been fraught with inconsistency and misspeak. 

We are now forty days into his administration and Democrats have only allowed voting to take place on 15 of Donald Trump’s cabinet appointees.  That’s almost three days of debate per nominee because the Democrats are forcing the full thirty hours of debate on every nominee that Senate rules allow, an unprecedented act of obstruction. 

Obamacare and Dodd-Frank were passed during Obama’s first two years in office.  Both pieces of legislation proved to be so disastrous to our economy that voters threw the Democrats out power at their first opportunity less than two years later.

After losing control of both Houses of Congress, Obama was forced to govern using executive orders over the last six years of his presidency.  Without Congress to blame Americans, Obama’s Marxist ideology and malfeasance in conducting foreign affairs became obvious and voters refused to elect his handpicked successor.

Pelosi’s revisionist recall can be explained as political rhetoric but her claim that, “President Trump hasn’t done a single thing, not one thing” since he took office is provably false and shows her reliance on the dishonesty of the mainstream media to support her claim.

Trump has signed as many executive orders (15) as the Democrats have confirmed members of his cabinet and he has been meeting daily with leaders of every economic sector listening to their concerns and developing strategies to jumpstart our economy.

His promise to free the economy from the Democrat’s regulatory burdens, punitive tax rates, and to renegotiate one-sided trade deals that costs our country close to a trillion dollars annually, has investors and the financial markets brimming with confidence evidenced by the soaring stock market that so far has increased Americans’ wealth by over $3 trillion.

That’s money that has increased the value of average Americans’ 401k’s and created the wealth necessary for significant new investment in every sector of the economy.

That Pelosi denies Trump’s successes proves that she doesn’t understand the principles of economic growth or worse, she does but for the sake of political power she and her fellow Democrats would deny their constituents the benefits that President Trump’s rising economic tide will provide them.

Either way, Pelosi’s strict adherence to the Democrats’ failed policies of the recent past and her willingness to lie in order to perpetuate those failures make her unfit for high office and discredits every member of her party who voted for her continued leadership.