AWAKENING: As Mainstream Media Attacks Against Trump Become More Unhinged Remember Who Trump Threatened Before His Election [Video]

Elder Patriot – As you listen to increasingly deranged allegations that President Trump is growing more unhinged by the day, ask yourself whose policies have ignited Obama’s moribund economy? 

Who has aggressively engaged terrorist nations on the verge of nuclear capability?   Remember that after 9/11 two of the three countries identified as comprising an Axis of Evil were North Korea and Iran.

Who has pulled us out of the unworkable Paris Accord and one-sided trade deals that have destroyed the wealth of America while making global investors trillions of dollars and that have funded China’s emergence as a military threat to our country?

And isn’t it President Trump who is attempting to re-establish a semblance of order to the lawlessness of the past administration so that our streets will be safe again?

Remind yourself who is threatened by these successes.  Then remember what Trump promised during a campaign stop just prior to his election.

This five-minute video will reaffirm your faith in Trump and will explain the desperation of Google/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter to silence our voice and the mainstream media’s desperation to defame and overthrow Donald Trump.

The Russians want us divided.  The Dems want us divided.  You do the math.  One follows the other.  What do the Russians have on the Dems?

The video has become more real to Americans as the watch Trump get savaged by those whose power and wealth he threatens.

What if the missing texts from FBI internals discussed assassination of POTUS or family member?

If you doubt that possibility recall this speech by the last president to be assassinated:

Remember, only because Trump ordered the release of secreted docs do we know that the FBI hid the truth.  JFK was the victim of a conspiracy.

The masses are not yet ready to handle the revelations to come.  The proofs have to be ironclad and watertight or the mainstream media will win.

Where are Rudy and Christie?  Giuliani oversaw masterful application of RICO law to takedown criminal syndicate.  Christie successfully prosecuted more than 130 corrupt public officials.

Trust the process.  Hundreds are yet to be implicated.  The swamp is deep.

The awakening is coming.