Awaiting OIG Report: Globalist Cabal Orders MSM to Take Defensive Posture

Elder Patriot – There exists a Global Cabal of corporate, banking and financial leaders that fund the campaigns of, and subsequently own the fealty our elected leaders.  Not just in the United States but across the free nations of Europe.

Donald Trump, and the revolution he is leading, threatens this cabal. Here’s Trump on the campaign trail daring to declare his intention to break asunder their worldwide network that controls and steals from the hardworking people that the Cabal’s minions reign over.

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American people.  

“The Washington establishment and the financial and media corporations that fund it exist for only one reason; to protect and enrich itself.”

During his inaugural address – an address that the mainstream media characterized as “dark” and lacking vision – the new president reassured those who voted for him that he was indeed serious about returning the government to the people:

Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another – but we are transferring power from Washington DC and giving it back to you, the people.

For too long a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost.

Washington flourished but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered but the jobs left and the factories closed.

The establishment protected itself but not the citizens of our country.

Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs. And while they celebrated in our nation’s capital, there has been little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land.

That all changes starting right here and right now because this moment is your moment. It belongs to you. It belongs to everyone gathered here today and everyone watching all across America.

This is your day.

This is your celebration.

And this – the United States of America – is your country.

What truly matters is not which party controls our government but whether our government is controlled by the people.

January 20 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.

The vast number of Americans listening in that day may have dismissed these words but I can assure you that the Globalist Cabal, those that control our politicians and that own the corporations that control the mainstream media didn’t dismiss them.

From that moment forward the MSM has been on a jihad against everything Donald Trump has said and done as part of a disinformation campaign intended to convince Americans that the improvements to their daily lives they were enjoying are not really improvements to their daily lives.

Now, as President Obama’s dictator-like use of American intelligence agencies and his commandeering of the FBI and the DOJ to effectively destroy the candidacy and then the presidency of the Cabal’s sworn enemy, Donald Trump, is about to be exposed by the coming Inspector General’s report, the Cabal is bolstering the MSM propaganda machine to conduct a full-scale propaganda war against that report.

Yesterday we reported that MSNBC had hired Ben Rhodes who openly bragged to the NY Times about conducting a wide-scale propaganda effort on behalf of helping the Cabal’s President of U.S. Operations, B. Hussein Obama, gain acceptance of the Iran nuclear deal.

The hiring of Rhodes was just the latest hiring of Obama administration officials whose criminal wrongdoing have them facing exposure by the OIG report that is due out this week.

Former CIA Director John Brennan, the man who served as the genesis for the counterintelligence operation used to spy on and surveil Donald Trump is now working for NBC.

Former DNI James Clapper, a man caught perjuring himself any number of times while under oath is now working for CNN.

These are the highest-level Obama officials who are facing the wrath of the OIG, Michael Horowitz, but by no means are they the only co-conspirators that have been given a platform by the MSM.

If it strikes you that the mainstream media is bolstering its “Kafkaesque assembly of political narrative engineers churning out fake news 24/7” in preparation to protect the Cabal’s infrastructure inside the U.S. government then that’s because it is.

What possible justification can any of these so-called “news organizations” have for giving a CYA platform to criminals suspected of doing everything in their power to subvert the outcome of a presidential election?

It’s as clear as the nose on your face, the Cabal has entered “Cover Thine Ass” mode.